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Witch Hunter Robin


Grade: B-

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

Reviewed: Dub on Cartoon Network

Epsiodes: 26

Notes: If you like slow pacing, you may like .Hack/Sign



Robin has been sent from Solomon Headquarters to replace a member at one of the field offices, the STNJ, an organization that hunts down witches. Although Robin is a witchhunter, she is also a craft user. She develops her craft of fire, improving her accuracy and power, to the point where she might be a threat. Robin finds herself pulled by conflicting groups, her employers (the witchhunters) and those like herself with powers of the craft.


Animation is rather stilted, and the characters move stiffly - they all move like zombies! The character designs are nice and realistic looking, but most everyone looks similar except the hair. Musical score is nothing special. Dub voices are fine.


Problem is the slow pacing of what should be an exciting premise - witch hunting. There is virtually no action except for an opening scene and an ending scene, and even those are generally disappointing. Everyone walks and talks r-e-a-l- -s-l-o-w. Mostly episodic, the first half is composed of recycled plots (witch of the week) with mediocre execution. Things get more interesting in the second half with the internal politics of the witchhunters, the mystery of the orvo (anti-witch serum), and the mystery of Robin's origin and true purpose. However, none play out satisfactorily. The ending was disappointing, where they wrapped up everything all in the last episode. The rest of the witchhunters are not terribly interesting, and there's not a whole lot of development of characters or relationships.

PG13 Mostly appropriate for children except for a few scenes of violence, but they'll be too bored to notice.