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Anime Reviews


To qualify the general aspects of our reviews, we have a preference for fantasy and magic rather than mecha, sci-fi, war, etc. We prefer regular animation rather than computer generated graphics. We prefer swords and magic over guns. But we’ll watch just about anything! Generally, we will not go into details regarding the areas of animation, music, or voices unless there is something exceptionally good or bad. What is important are the story and the characters. We have tried to refrain from giving out spoilers in the short reviews. A mediocre grade from us doesn't mean that you won't like it, after all, everyone has different tastes. We also provide age recommendations and warnings so you can safely watch with your kids.

Anime Comparison Chart with Short Reviews and links to Long Reviews



Rating System:
A+: Everything was very good – excellent. Will watch repeatedly. Grade is generally reserved for series with at least 3 seasons (continued excellence).

A : Few minor quibbles, will watch repeatedly.

A-: Very good except for a few bad episodes, or a few minor problems. Will watch most episodes repeatedly.

B+ : Good, could have been better. Will watch again whenever.

B : Okay, worth watching once. Maybe again if nothing else is on.

B- : Some major problems. Worth watching once only.

C+ : Watch if nothing else is on.

C : Couldn’t sit through it, so can’t rate anything lower.