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Here's some of our favorite sites. Please report broken links. Thanks!

Download Anime
Anime-kraze good fansub group
Anime Forever good fansub group
Animesuki  has links to various groups and series
Downloadanime has links to everything and it's searchable
Gotwoot has links to a few fansub groups
Shinsen good fansub group

Download Manga
Baka Manga updates

Torrent Searches

General Anime
Absolute Anime
Animenfo reviews and info
Anime News Network up-to-date news, reviews, lots of other info
Anime on TV   great site for broadcast TV, cable, digital, and satellite schedules
Seiyuu biography and photos of anime voice actors
Shounen animeTV Tome lots and lots of info on virtually every show you can think of! Great resource!

The Hawks   manga scanlations (other manga also available)
Skullknight  manga translations and info

Cardcaptor Sakura
Rabi's Card Captor Sakura   complete text for episode dialogue, Clow card info, DVD info, lots more!
thedbarchives   lots and lots of screencaps!
Not So Bad Translations    CCS manga (and a few other) translations
Cardcaptor Touya   great fanfic! Cardcaptor Touya with cool new card designs, but alas it remains unfinished

Inuyashaworld lots and lot and lots of info - ep summaries, screencaps, interviews, etc.
Chibi Explosion   more good info, ep summaries, screencaps, etc.

Cyberia Cafe     good explanations of some confusing points

Leafninja   excellent articles, biographies, all sorts of info, and forum, probably the best/most accurate
Narutochaos   Naruto episode/manga downloads
Narutoex    Lots of of great animated gifs (several used throughout this site) and beautiful sigs
Narutofever interesting articles, games, etc.
Narutofan   Naruto info, episode/manga downloads, and a busy forum, probably most popular
Naruto Manga Colouring Project - as titled, real cool, but where's Kakashi?
Toriyamaworld   good fansub group, interviews with the creator, etc.
Winter Paradise
insights by a Japanese native

Naruto/ninja Related - links mentioned in various articles on this site:
From article on the real ninjas special: skydancers
From manga differences, Neji's swastika cursed seal
From manga differences, tanuki
From Byakugan, girl with x-ray vision

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Embrace Eva   ep summaries, good info
Evangelion FAQs  good explanations
Toasty Frog  really really funny parody!

Happy Donut Land - very cute sprites for adoption, a few were adopted for this site
Make a Little Lightbulb in Your Soul manga translations, translations of interviews
Mayfly - Vash and Meryl fanfics, most are quite good
Sumeragi Translation - some manga translations
Trigunometry - some nice little motion gif downloads, a few anime reviews, Trigun music video reviews
Trigun Realm - Trigun news, ep summaries, misc.
Up in Smoke - lots of screencaps (where we got some of ours), but appears they are no longer available, some funny songs, etc.
Vash and Meryl shrine with fanfic, fan art, etc.

Visions of Escaflowne
Escaflowne online ep summaries, bloopers, tarot cards, screencaps, lots of info
Escaflowne: A Comprenensive Look  lots of good info, including differences between the original series and US version

Yu Yu Hakusho
YYH Realm  too many popup ads but some ep summaries
Yu Yu Hakusho toonami edits
Pojo's Yu Yu Hakusho    lots of card/game info, ep summaries, etc.


Fan Fiction Archive Sites:
fanfiction - largest fan fiction archive on the internet
mediaminer - fan fiction and fan art archive
anime spiral - nice little fanfic site that allows links to pictures


Anipike lists of anime clubs searchable by country or state
Divx players/software/hardware reviews, lots of good info
Fansview convention schedules
Kanjisite - good site to learn the differences among the Japanese writing systems