Our family favorite at the moment!  If you don't know what Naruto is, read our review  first.

You will not find the typical Naruto information here.  No technique glossaries or seal sequences or advanced bloodline/clan guides. For those, check out our favorite Naruto links. Instead we strive to be different, to supply supplemental Naruto information and real analysis, pulling in examples from the real world when possible, and organizing data in a useful and logical format.

Here you'll find complete Naruto episode summaries with screencaps, reviews and notes, also correlated with the manga chapters.  Haven't read the manga?  You won't have to (though it's definitely recommended) with the manga vs anime differences.  We also have short summaries with no spoilers.

Our screencap galleries are not only organized by episodes, but also by family albums and other subsets. That way you can see how a character looks when older and younger, and with their affiliations.

Articles, charts, reviews, etc. are sometimes updated even when they look finished, so check back often.

Also check out the Kakashi Shrine, Naruto related recipes, fanart and fanfics, and for kids of all ages - the Kids' Corner has shinobi dressup games, puzzles, shuriken origami, and ninja headbands/scrolls.

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