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Excerpts from Kakashi's Diary   (collection of stories/poems)

Konoha Scrapbook (collection of drabbles) new!

The Amorous Adventures of Ayame the Ramen Girl   (humor/romance) First Place Winner!

The Chronicles of Kakashi and the Kunoichi from Thunder Country (romance/drama) First Place Winner!

The Curative Career of Kaori the Ninja Nurse (humor/romance) (complete) - Second and Third Place!

The Resurrecting Scroll (horror/supernatural) First Place Contest Winner!

Tsukuyomi Dreams (angst)  First Place Contest Winner!

Why Sake Bottles are Better than Men    (humor/anti-romance)

Why Icha Icha Books Are Better Than Women   (humor/anti-romance) sequel to "Why Sake..."


By Yamisui

Haunted (angst)

Red Blossom (action/adventure) (in progress, ch 10 up)

Scarlet   (drama, in progress, ch 6 up)


Ookiku Furikabutte: Running the Bases (humor/romance) - in progress

Honey & Clover: The Selfish Me   (romance/drama) - short vignette

Monster: Birth of a Monster  (drama) - attempt to reconstruct Johan's past, won judge's choice in contest!

Trigun: Knives by Kaitlyne (continution of series/drama)

YuGiOh: When Yami Bakura Goes to the Mall  & If You Give A Kid A Candy Bar   (humor)  by Digi-girl


Original Stories:

A Winter's Flight (drama) - tied for second in contest!

Dusk of the Living Gods  (drama) - tied for second in contest!

The Constant Iteration of the Eternal Soul (drama) - First Place Contest Winner!

The Elusive Illusive American Dream (humor) - First Place Contest Winner!

Sounds of Somnambulism (horror) - Third Place!


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