Ookiku Furikabutte, translated as Swing Big, licensed as Big Windup, and shortened to OoFuri, is a manga created by Higuchi, Asa. It was made into an anime, which covers two baseball games, but the manga has not yet been completed. But it's not just about baseball! Anyone can enjoy this story, even if you hate baseball! The characters are realistically wonderful. There's great character development, humor, action, and you might even learn something about baseball.

It tells the story of Mihashi, Ren, a timid young man who is obsessed with pitching. Although he has perfect control of his pitches, his pitches are slow, and were hard hit in middle school and he lost every game. Now a first year student at Nishiura High, he has a second chance. With the support of his teammates, especially Abe, a super analytical catcher with a bad temper, Mihashi slowly, very slowly, gains confidence.

This fansite includes articles relevant to the series, such as information on Japan high school baseball, the differences between American and Japanese baseball; tables and charts of statistics; screencaps and summaries, and lots more!