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Jubei-Chan Ninja Girl, The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch


Grade: B-

Genre: Comedy, Action/adventure

Reviewed: Sub/Dub

Episodes: 13

Notes: There's also a sequel, not reviewed here.


A "plump bouncy bon bon girl" reluctantly inherits the heart-shaped eye patch of Yagyu Jubei, a great swordsman. But his enemies of the Ryujoji clan have been waiting 300 years for his reincarnation so that they can defeat him and steal the secrets of the eye patch. But what are the true powers of the lovely eye patch?


Clean and bright colored animation in typical anime style. Character designs are cute but nothing special and there are a number of instances where minor characters are purposely poorly animated and are drawn stiffly like dolls (parody). Opening theme music gets really, really, really annoying after the first time. Overall score is fine, nothing special. Dub voices are extremely annoying/inappropriate, even worse than the slightly annoying Japanese voices, especially Jubei in both cases.


The series starts off seriously enough with Yagyu Jubei's last fight to the death. He leaves behind a lovely heart shape eye patch to a successor to inherit his power and the techniques of the clan. 300 years later, Nanohana Jiyu, aka Jubei, a modern day girl on her way to school enters a mysterious forest and sees a young handsome boy. She is starting grade 8 in high school and just moved from Tokyo. It happens that Shiro Ryujoji, ninth grade captain of the kendo club, is also in the same school and falls in love with her instantly. In fact, all the men and boys fall in love with her instantly, mostly because of her big chest, which is the main source of humor in this series (broad, silly, uninspired comedy centered around ecchi humor).

Jubei meets a pathetic samurai, the original Jubei's retainer, Koinosuke Odago, who has somehow lived all this time to find the successor. He gives her the eyepatch, but Jubei doesn't want it. Enemies continually challenge her and she is forced to transform and fight, but instead of just defeating her enemies, the eyepatch has the power to direct defeated enemies to a more appropriate course of life.

Rated PG-13 for incestuous implications and ecchi humor. Neat transformation scenes but action scenes are too quick to be interesting. This is apparently supposed to be a parody of ninja anime but only fans of ecchi humor will appreciate this series.