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Vash's Salmon Sandwiches


Vash is enjoying his salmon sandwiches in Trigun episode 6. Considering Gunsmoke has an arid environment, where did the salmon come from and is it real salmon or artificially made wth synthetic by-products? Then again, who knows what the "plants" are capable of.

Salmon Sandwiches Recipe 1

Spread four slices of bread with cream cheese and salmon chopped up fine, with cheese on both sides of the bread tomake the slices stick together. Pile them up, making a cube, with bread on top and bottom, and press together firmly; wrap in a damp cloth and put in the refrigeratoruntil time to serve; then trim off the crusts and slice the cubes into dainty sandwiches, which look like layer cake.

From: Freerecipe.org

Salmon Sandwiches Recipe 2

Use cold boiled or canned salmon. Mince fine; add lemon juice and the yolks of 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs to a cupful of the minced fish. Season with salt and cayenne. Spreadslices of bread with the mixture and cover with another slice, either with or without the addition of a leaf of crisp lettuce or a few sprigs of watercress sprinkled with salt.

From Freerecipe.org

Our SimpleRecipe

Half cup of canned or fresh salmon, drained of juices, flake with a fork. 1 tablespoon cream cheese, 1 tablespoon mayonaise, add to salmon and mix, add dash of pepper and salt. Pare a cucumber, cut lengthwise and remove seeds, cut into small thin slices or mince cup and add to salmon. Spread salmon mixture on 2 slices of bread, place cucumber slices in between.