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The Amorous Adventures of Ayame the Ramen Girl


The following is a series of stories involving the ramen girl from Ichiraku (her name is officially Ayame, I didn't make that up) and Iruka and Kakashi.

Story takes place soon after ep 101. I have the genins as 12 years old, but they're probaby 13 already.

Summary: After seeing Kakashi's face, Ayame (the Ichiraku Ramen waitress) becomes obsessed with Kakashi and enlists the aid of Sakura to win his heart. Little does she know that Naruto has mistakenly assumed she likes Iruka, and sets into motion a little matchmaking of his own...

Rated PG-13

Love is Like a Bowl of Ramen

Part 1 Days 1-4

Part 2 Days 5-8

Part 3 Days 9-14

Shinobi Gossip  

Love Potion #9.5

Transformation Trouble