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Word of Unrequited Love


I love you
but I know you'll never say those words to me.

I loved you from afar
even before I knew you.

Whatever happened in your past
that you don't speak of
has made you into this man I love
but cannot have.

Even when we are close together
you seem so far away
lost in your own thoughts that you will not share.

I know you
better than you think.

The façade you put up
all this time
all this time
I've been waiting for the walls to erode.

But I've never seen you with a genuine smile
only the silly one or
the sad soft one
that you use for the benefit of others.

I love you
and for a while I was content
simply to bask in your honorable presence.

But even then I knew
it would ultimately come to this.

~ Anonymous - based on a letter from years ago by one of Kakashi's ex-loves.