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First Love


"Please, you said we could go out together after your mission today."

"I'm sorry, but I have to finish this mission report," Kakashi responded without looking up. He was hunched over his computer typing furiously.

His friend sighed and moped around the room for a while. 'Damn, why is Kakashi always so serious?' He stretched out lazily on Kakashi's bed and frowned. 'Even this bed is hard. This room is so spartan,' he thought as he looked around. 'Well, I can wait a while. After all, he's worth waiting for.'

He closed his eyes and fell into a half sleep, dreamily thinking of running by Kakashi's side through Konoha's lovely green fields. Then Kakashi, being faster, would pull ahead and he would tackle him from the back. Then they would roll around together on the soft grass ending with him on top of Kakashi, feeling his strong hard body under his and...

When he woke a half hour later, Kakashi was still typing. 'What the hell is he writing? A freakin' novel or something?' He watched with half-closed eyes, observing Kakashi's every feature and every movement. His fine hands raced across the keyboard. His dark eyes stared fixedly at the monitor. His straight teeth bit the bottom of his perfectly formed lips as he concentrated on his report. His white-grey hair messily stuck out at all angles while his nose was flawlessly straight.

How he loved him. No one knew him like he did. To the world he was this serious genius, to him he was just another awkward boy, though a much smarter and better looking one than any other he knew. And despite his many missions and innumerable kills, he was gentle and usually considerate - except for now.

After a few more minutes, he decided enough was enough. After all, all work and no play makes Kak a dull boy.

He slid off Kakashi's bed onto the cold wood floor and silently walked over using ninja stealth. Now he was crouched down next to him, but Kakashi did not seem to notice as he continued to type, cursing every so often when he made a mistake.

In the privacy of his bedroom, Kakashi wore only his T-shirt and shorts, no mask covering his handsome face. He suddenly felt a tickling sensation from his feet. At first he was annoyed, but the sensation soon became sensual and he stopped typing and sighed. He liked having his toes licked. He felt the tongue move higher up, onto the ankle, calf, and thigh.

His friend noticed that Kakashi finally stopped working and seemed to relax. He chuckled, rose up and tried to sit on Kakashi's lap. Kakashi tried to push him off but rather half-heartedly. "I really do have to finish this report. Stop distracting me."

But now his lips were being licked. Kakashi looked into the soft brown eyes and smiled. How could he resist such an adorable face? He ran his hand over the top of his friend's head and then hugged him tightly...


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