Suggested Books and Movies


Harry Potter (series of 7 books) by JK Rowling
If you know about Naruto and not about Harry Potter, you must be from an alternate universe!  Basically, Harry Potter is a boy who goes to wizard school and has all sorts of fun but often dangerous adventures.  Reading level is for 10 years and up but some kids start reading them even younger.

Tales of the Otori (trilogy) by Lian Hearn
This trilogy starts off with a young man whose village is wiped out by a warlord.  He is saved and adopted by a rival warlord. It turns out that his real father was a member of the "Tribe" - basically an organization of ninja.  He has super hearing, fast reflexes, can do shadow clones, put people to sleep, etc. It was fun to pick out parallel powers in Naruto!  Recommended for children over 12 as there is some sexual and violent descriptions.

Warriors of Medieval Japan by Stephen Turnbull
All you ever wanted to know about Samurai, Ashigaru, Ninja, and Warrior Monks! Lots of great pictures too.


Tampopo - how make the best ramen! rated R for a few sexual explicit scenes
Shinobi Heart Under Blade - a better, live action version of the anime Basilisk