Ultimate Ninja: Finally a Clash! Jounin vs Genin!!
Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament!!

Starts off with all the Konoha shinobi gathered around the Hokage administration building. The North guard's report is given by Raidou and Genma while Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji welcome the sand team and Baki. Tsunade starts the announcement.

Naruto’s excited about gathering the crystals, but Sasuke calls him an idiot and they start fighting as usual. Sakura explains the jounin also participate. Naruto says Kakashi and others will be easy. Kakashi suddenly appears behind him and says Naruto won’t be able to defeat him. Naruto’s hyped up about challenging Kakashi.

Tsunade explains the rules: Jounin, chuunin and genin fight for crystals. Jounin and chuunin have red crystals while genin have blue crystals. If you lose your crystals you can continue to fight. Winner proves that he or she is the best ninja and gets to create a new rule for Konoha. Sand Country's rules can also be changed. You can create any rule you want. Naruto doesn’t understand so Sakura explains your wish comes true, such as a rule where ramen has to be priced low, then all stores have to sell it cheaply. Tournament starts and Naruto runs off looking for Kakashi.

Meanwhile Shikamaru throws away his crystal (ends up in a barrel) and goes back to his nap. Naruto comes by and they both hear Ino and Sakura fighting. Ino throws caltrops and along with it her crystal (falls under a crate). Sakura avoids the caltrops and throws kunai from above. Ino sidesteps the attack. They continue to fight.

Meanwhile Naruto’s on the roof of Ichiraku but there’s no sign of Kakashi. At Ichiraku, Chouji and his dad finish eating His dad pays and leaves his crystal behind with the money.

Kiba buries his crystal by a post. Naruto comes by and hears a ruckus then sees Lee and Gai fighting. Lee's dynamic kick hits Gai's hip pouch and a red crystals falls by a tree. Gai's dynamic kick connects with Lee's face and he's knocked to the ground. They have a heart to heart talk about overcoming obstacles and hug.

Genma and Raidou carry a stack of books for Tsunade. Kankurou bumps into Genma and knocks a crystal from Genma's vest pocket. Kankurou and Shino face off. Genma tries to pick up his crystal with his feet, but Raidou tells him to forget it, so Genma kicks it behind a planter.

Meanwhile poor Kotesu gets knocked down by Gaara . Izumo throws shuriken but Gaara engulfs him in sand saying he's just going to break his bones. Baki appears saying he doesn't understand that Gaara keeps him alive yet will leave him broken bones. Baki has to leave for an important mission back in the village so he says Gaara has to fight for him and win and gives him his red crystal.

At the hot springs, Neji attacks Asuma. Asuma says he already told him where his crystal is. Neji doesn't care, he just wants to see how strong he is in comparison and attacks with his byakugan activated. Asuma hastily retreats.

Jiraiya is on the roof with his telescope. Naruto calls to him. The women in the bath notice Jiraiya and throw their toiletries at him. He falls off the roof and cracks his skull and loses his crystal.

The earth shakes and Naruto thinks it must be Kakashi. He finds Kakashi and Sasuke fighting. Naruto and Sasuke start arguing and Kakashi wonders when they're going to learn teamwork, so Naruto and Sasuke decide to team up against Kakashi. Naruto rushes toward Kakashi while Sasuke throw kunai. Kakashi's kunai clash with Sasuke's in midair. Naruto’s shadow clones are taken out by an unimpressed Kakashi, but then the smoke clouds his vision from Sasuke’s fireball. Kakashi escapes, but they’re not done. Real Naruto and Sasuke attack with rasengan and chidori. Kakashi gets serious and exposes his sharingan. Kakashi grabs both of them by the wrist and their attacks are unable to get through. He throws them over and back. Naruto and Sasuke blame each other. Kakashi has Naruto’s blue crystal, saying ninja should never reveal their weak points. Kakashi takes off. Sasuke follows. Naruto resolves to fight till the last minute and runs after them.

Review: Neji vs. Asuma! Hilarious! Kakashi vs Naruto & Sasuke! Priceless! Wish it were longer and more complete, but it’s just an intro to the game, still some good scenes.


Jounin and chuunin have red crystals while genin have blue crystals.

Shikamaru - barrel

Ino - crate

Choji's Dad Ichiraku

Kiba - post

Gai - tree

Genma - planter

Jiraiya - bath area


Sand Country's rules can also be changed, but does that mean Konoha shinobi can change them or just the Sand?