Naruto Special 2004: Battle at Hidden Falls. I am the Hero!



The team and Kakashi are on a C-rank bodyguard mission to protect Shibuki, leader of Hidden Falls Village, whose father was also the village leader. A bird flies by and Shibuki hides behind Sakura. They come to a huge waterfall. Two kids come running up and say they’re cleaning up the area. Shibuki asks the Leaf ninjas to help as an extra mission with separate payment.

Shinobis are seen coordinating a plan: Team Kirisame passing point F Team Murasame passing point P Team Hisame passing point W

Kakashi asks about the recent rumors about shinobi movement around these parts - shinobi from other countries are after this village. Shibuki says there always rumors like that. Kakashi asks if his father fought against shinobi like that. A bird flies down with a message attached to its leg for Kakashi - jounin emergency assembly. Kakashi leaves. Naruto rants about being Hokage and explains the position to the kids. They think he means like Shibuki but Naruto insults him. The kids push him and he ends up stepping in dog crap.

Two guys and a girl who used to be from Hidden Rain discuss their plans with Suien who used to be a Hidden Falls Jounin. They want the hero water and plan to take some villages as hostages.

Naruto wants to eat lunch but Shibuki tells him to eat somewhere else and tells them all to leave. Sasuke understands that he doesn’t want them to know the entrance to the village. The kids’ mom appears with a kunai in her back and tells them that the village was attacked. Naruto argues with Shibuki about going to help his village when Sasuke pushes them both down to avoid an attack led by Murasame.

Sasuke takes out his large folded shuriken from somewhere (demon wind shuriken) throws it, and knocks away the enemy's kunais. The shuriken splits into two (shadow windmill) and takes out a few of the attackers, but Murasame gets away. Shibuki cowers in fear. Sasuke announces since this is a mission they’ll see it through to the end. Shibuki says the village survived this long thanks to the environment and the hidden entrance.The entrance is behind the waterfall where there is a cave system with several pools of water. Shibuki jumps into one of the pools and Sasuke and Naruto follow. Sakura is left behind to care for the woman and watch the kids. Kirisame give Sakura a chop to the neck and takes her out.

Sasuke, Naruto and Shibuki appear from the water. Naruto and Sasuke go on land but then Sasuke pushes Naruto back into the water. Three guys attack but Sasuke jumps out of the way. Sasuke uses Fire Element: Grand Fireball no Jutsu to take them out but then he is captured by water? ropes by Hisame and Murasame. They send chakra? shocks through the rope and Sasuke’s knocked out to be used as a hostage. Shibuki is headed for the hero water in a flask in a little shed. The villagers, Sakura and the kids are all tied up, and Sasuke has been tied and strung up.

Suien was the best ninja in the village and Shibuki’s teacher. He has no interest in taking over the village, but just wants the hero water. Naruto finds Shibuki who has been watching from above. Shibuki shakes with fear as Suien threatens to kill the villagers if he doesn’t hand over the hero water. Protecting the water is the duty of the village leader. It's holy water extracted from the great tree once every 100 years, drinking it allows chakra to increase by tenfolds for a short period. Since the village has no kage, the heroes drink the water to fight in battle, but it eats away your life in exchange. They die not from battle but from the water. Water's sealed away and it's the leader’s duty to protect it. A few years ago the village was under foreign attack ao Shibuki's father drank it to protect the village but wasn’t young enough to survive the effects of the water.

Suien continues his threats but the kids tell him not to give in. Kirisame whips the kids with the water rope. Suien grabs the girl and holds a kunai to her throat. Naruto gives his hero pep talk, announces his presence to the enemy and swings down on a vine, but the vine breaks and Naruto falls into the water. Suien is about to stab the girl with a kunai when Naruto pushes her out of the way and takes the kunai in his back. Naruto then gets beaten up and kicked around. Suddenly a tornado of water appears and knocks 3 of the bad guys down. Shibuki drank the hero water and is able to face off against Suien. Sakura notes they can see Shibuki’s chakra with the naked eye. Some minions attack but Shibuki quickly performs the seal for Water Element: Water Dragon Blast No Jutsu. Water rises up and forms a dragon’s head and engulfs the bad guys.

Suien says even with the hero water Shibuki's chakra cannot surpass his since he has much more chakra than Shibuki's potential allows. They both form Hidden Falls style: sword of water and clash. Suien notes that all that chakra doesn’t help Shibuki's poor form and stabs him with the sword. Suien takes the hero water from Shibuki. Suien takes a drink of the water and steps on Shibuki. Naruto gets up and uses kage bunshin. Suien blocks all the clone kicks and beats up Naruto and the clones. Shibuki cuts down Sasuke. Sasuke throws his large shuriken at Suien who avoids it easily, but Naruto comes down and punches him in the face. He climbed the tree from the roots. Suien recovers and punches out Naruto. Sasuke turns on his sharingan and uses Fire Element: Mythical Fire Flower no Jutsu. Suien raises a waterwall to block, but hidden in the blasts are kunais! But he repels them with chakra? Sasuke gives Suien a lecture about true strength but Suien kicks him back. Suien takes another swig from the bottle. Naruto gets up and gives a lecture about true strength. His orange chakra surrounds him and he and Suien collide punches. Sasuke sees an opening and uses Fire Element: Dragon No Jutsu which breaks the bottle of hero water and surrounds Suien. Naruto uses tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu (multiple shadow clone technique) and beats up Suien. He falls down the water fall.

Kakashi returns, the team and Shibuki say their goodbyes, Naruto steps on more dog crap.


Nothing to do with the manga. Not terribly interesting or funny. The other special was better.


Missing-nins originally from Hidden Rain: (not 100% sure if guys' names are reversed)

Murasame - guy with stripes on face

Kirisame - guy with face mask

Hisame – girl - smartest shinobi in Hidden Rain

Shizuku – little girl

Mission occurs in late summer, probably after chunnin exams.


If the hero water is extracted from the great tree once every 100 years, how long has this village been around?

Why would Shibuki carry the large bottle around and where could he conceal such a large bottle?

Suien, a jounin drinks hero water, and can’t beat 2 genins!

Where are the other Falls shinobis?

Photo of Shibuki's dad is not wet considering he carries it around with no protection.

Why are Shibuki's bandages on the outside instead of inside?