The Big Mission to Rescue the Snow Princess!!


Movie opens with the aftermath of a battle. Three men and a princess remain alive. An evil villain shows up on top of a ruined castle and laughs at them. Empty armor soldiers attack. Evil villain Mao tells them to give up but the princess gives a I’ll never give up speech and her seven color chakra appears and repels the enemy’s attack.

Team seven has been watching the movie hanging from the theater ceiling. Naruto’s shouts attract the manager. Sasuke shows him his ticket. while Naruto rants about someday being Hokage. The audience pelts him with garbage as the movie ends.

Team 7 waits for Kakashi by the large billboard of the movie "The Adventures of Princess Fuun." Naruto stares at the billboard and wonders if there are princesses like that around when suddenly Princess Fuun rides by followed by guys in armor. The team follows. Naruto catches up to the princess and uses his clones to stop some of the armored men chasing her. A few catch up to her and throw bottles of oil. Her horse skids and she falls to the ground The soldiers surround her, but it’s Sakura! Sasuke takes out their leader with a chop to the neck while Sakura takes care of the armored soldiers. Kakashi finally appears. In a blink of an eye he unties the bad guys and explains the leader is their client!

Naruto catches up to the princess sitting by a lake. She ignores him, remounts and rides past him. Naruto runs along side her horse and manages to get on behind her. She rides really fast back into town and almost crashes into some kids. She and Naruto fall off the horse. The kids ask for her autograph but she rudely refuses and runs off.

Kakashi explains to Sasuke and Sakura their mission is to protect or rather escort the actress to Snow Country to film the next movie. The glaciers there are supposed to glow with seven colors in the spring. Kakashi says that’s a myth, there’s no spring in Snow Country. The director asks Kakashi if he’s been to Snow Country and Kakashi replies it was long ago.

An actor comes up and says Snow Country is a poor nation and the economy collapsed because the previous feudal lord got too involved wit his mechanical puppets. They note that the actress started running away when she was told she would be going to Snow Country.

Yukie walks along the streets incognito and sees Naruto following her in the hand mirror. She tries to ditch him but he suddenly appears before her and asks for an autograph. She reluctantly signs one but then sprays him in the face with her earring. Naruto falls back and is crushed by a pile of planks while Yukie goes to a bar. She drinks and plays with her necklace. Naruto crashes into a bar patron. Sakura and her manager appear to tell her the ship to Snow country is departing soon. She refuses to go so Kakashi uses his sharingan to hypnotize her. The mysterious bar patron notes she has the hexagonal crystal.

The scene changes to show a conference between Snow shinobis. It’s been ten years of searching but they have now found Kazahana Koyuki aka Fujikaze Yukie.

Yuki has a dream of herself as a child looking for her father. She wakes up and finds herself on a boat at sea.

Kakashi explains to Sasuke this is an A rank mission since famous people are always being targeted. They start filming on the boat. Yukie needs eyedrops to cry.

They arrive near Snow Country but the route is blocked and the director decides to film there. While filming a scene there’s an explosion and Kakashi tells everyone to get back. A snow shinobi appears and Kakashi recognizes him. A female snow shinobi appears and greets her as Princess Koyuki and asks about the hexagonal crystal. Kakashi is surprised that she is Princess Koyuki. A third snow shinobi appears from under the snow.

Kakashi tells his team to protect Yukie and tells everyone to return to the ship. The leader of the Snow shinobis tells his teammates to go after the princess. He faces off against Kakashi and asks if he’s going to run away like last time. Kakashi recognizes him as Rouga Nadare. The two clash while jumping up the white cliffs. The big Snow shinobi takes out a snowboard and rides it toward Naruto who manages to dodge. Sasuke throws kunais and his large shuriken but it breaks into pieces on impact. The female shinobi announces Hyouton Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Element, Swallow Attack) and a large flock of ice swallows fly toward Sasuke who counters with Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu and melts the swallows. Then she uses Hyouro no jutsu (Ice Prison technique) and large ice shards explode from the ground. Sasuke jumps to avoid them and blasts the ice with another fireball.

Meanwhile the princess has a vision of the past and falls to her knees. Naruto takes a hit from the big shinobi and Kakashi hurries to help him using Suiton Suiryuudan no jutsu (Water element, water dragon blast technique). A huge water dragon rises up and crashes down on the big shinobi.

Naruto notes that there’s something weird about the armor. Kakashi explains it’s Snow Country’s armor designed especially for ninja, chakra armor and it’s more powerful than before. Rouga Nadare explains it increases his chakra and strengthens his techniques and creates a wall of chakra around his body and nullifies the enemy’s chakra and reflects it back. Ninjutsu and genjustu won’t work against it. Then he performs the seals for Hyouton Haryuu Muuko (Ice Element, Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger). Kakashi counters with Suiton Suiryuudan (he still has not exposed his sharingan). Kakashi’s dragon is destroyed and the ice tiger crashes near him and Naruto but they jump back to avoid it.

The big snow shinobi shoots out ropes from his armored arm which wraps around the princess but Sakura jumps in and cuts the ropes. He rides toward Sakura on his board but Naruto knocks him off. He and Naruto face off in a hand-to-hand strength challenge. Naruto turns foxlike.

Meanwhile Sasuke is still avoiding the ice shards erupting from the ground, but then one catches hold of his foot and quickly forms around his body, encasing him in ice. But it was a replacement , a lantern with an explosive tag. Sasuke wraps wire around the snow shinobi followed by fire, but wings foldout from her back and cuts through the wire.

The Princess is still having flashbacks of fire from her past and won’t move. The big snow shinobi shoots out a claw at the princess but Sakura gets in the way and she gets flung back. Kakashi runs to help but his opponent announces Hyouton Itsukaku Hakuegei (Ice Element , One Horned Whale). A huge whale erupts from the ground, cutting off a large piece of ice from the mainland. Kakashi finally gets serious, his sharingan just copied it and he uses the same jutsu. Rouga counters again with the same jutsu. He says Kakashi won’t be able to defeat him with the same jutsu but that was not Kakashi’s intention. The whales clash and destroy the iceberg. The leaf shinobis and clients escape and the ship sails away.

Kakashi picks up the hexagonal crystal as the princess sleeps and thinks it’s been 10 years. The manager Sandayuu comes in to tell him they’ve reached the harbor. Kakashi and his team meet with Sandayuu who explains this was the only way to bring the princess back to Snow Country. He used to served at the side of the previous king, Kazahana Sousetsu. Snow country was a small peaceful country but 10 years ago Dotou, the younger brother hired some ninja, revolted, took over, and burned the Kazahana Castle. Flashback to young Kakashi guiding a sled pulled by dogs, saving the young princess.

Back to present, the princess appears and says she rather have died and that since that day her tears have dried up. Sandayuu found her on stage and became her manager waiting to bring her back to Snow country. He kotows to her and begs her to overthrow Dotou and become the queen but she refuses. Naruto gives a never give up speech. The director plans to continue filming. Kakashi says they won’t be able to hide and to fight is the only way to live. Kakashi thinks they should return to the village and get more people but Sasuke is confident they’ll be enough for this mission.

They now travel by trucks and stop by a cave. At the other side there is a village where their comrades are gathered. When the trucks emerge from the other side, the director wants to resume filming, but Yukie has escaped again. Kakashi and his team search for her. Naruto finds her fallen in the snow and carries her on his back through the train tunnels. Suddenly the ice on the train tracks melt (by chakra). A train appears and Naruto runs frantically away. He manages to clear the tunnel and jump to the side just as the train passes.

Kazahana Dotou speaks into a handheld mike to greet her. Logs crash into the train and Sandayuu appears with his men. They attack but the train cabins open up to reveal automated kunai projectiles. They are completely wiped out (where’s Kakashi?). Sandayuu is still standing but impaled with several kunais. Another volley of kunais shoot out but Sasuke appears and protects him with his Fuuma shuriken. Sasuke throws a kunai with an explosive tag to blow up one of the cabins. Sakura causes an avalanche and the train starts to move again to avoid it. Part of it is trapped and the cabins are detached. Kakashi tells Sasuke not to follow any further. Sandayuu dies after giving the princess an encouraging speech. The princess wants to leave but Naruto and Sakura protest. An airship appears and the big shinobi shoots out a claw to grab the princess. Kunais tied with balls rain down and they explode into ice shards. Naruto manages to catch onto the airship and uses kage bunshin to invade the ship.

Dotou asks for the hexagonal crystal and explains it is the key to the treasure. He thinks it is a weapon at the Rainbow Glaciers and plans to take over the other shinobi nations. Naruto and his clones are captured by snow shinobis. They attach a device to his abdominal area to suck out his chakra. The princess hands over the necklace but it’s a fake! She recalls Kakashi touching it and tells Dotou he has it, so he waits for the Leaf shinobis to come get her.

Meanwhile Naruto is imprisoned and strung up, and can’t use his chakra. He manages to pull a thin file from his shoe with his mouth when the princess is imprisoned in a cell across from him. Flashback to the princess as a child with her father, imagining spring. In present, she talks about her life, running away, lying and acting. Naruto tries to file his handcuffs but drops his file. He gives an inspirational speech, and breaks free of the handcuffs but when he tries to bend the bars of the jail, the shock to his system causes him to collapse.

It’s night and the castle is being attacked. Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura infiltrate the castle. Two snow shinobis notice that Naruto is no longer strung up and they see an explosive note on the cell door. They remove it, unlock the door and Naruto knocks them out. He escapes with the princess but enocunters another snow shinobi, but it’s Kakashi! He returns the necklace to the princess while Sasuke and Sakura catch up. The princess leads them into a room where Dotou and his gang are waiting. She gives him the necklace. She says it was all an act, part of Dotou’s plan. But then she takes out a dagger and tries to stab Dotou. But he grabs her throat and chokes her. They fall off the stage and the princess lies unconscious. Dotou disrobes and is wearing chakra armor. He grabs the princess and is pulled up and way. Naruto throws out his own rope. The princess catches hold so he is pulled along with them. The castle starts to collapse and everyone scrambles to escape. Dotou’s armor has wings and he flies away with the princess and Naruto but then he cuts Naruto off. Naruto falls to the ground but he continues to follow and runs into the director and his crew on a motorized sled.

The princess and Dotou are at the rainbow glaciers where there is a little pagoda. Dotou inserts the hexagonal crystal into the center. A light erupts.

Meanwhile Sasuke and Saukra are following the female snow shinobi flying above them. Sakura tells Sasuke after 5 seconds, turn 20 degrees left and run 30 meters ahead to where the tree branch is. Sasuke throws wires over the branch. The snowboard shinobi rides toward Sakura who is hiding lots of kunais in her cape. She throws kunais with pink balls attached. The balls contain small slips of paper. Sakura announces Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu (Sakura Blizzard Technique) and there’s a big explosion formed from all the little tags, apparently activated by a larger one she throws near him. The explosion knocks the flying shinobi into Sasuke’s wire but she escapes. Meanwhile Sasuke appears behind the flying shinobi and uses his lion combo to take her down. She falls onto her comrade and there’s another explosion. It appears that the chakra armor’s integrity was harmed.

Meanwhile, Kakashi faces off against Rouga. Kakashi announces his raikiri (lightning edge) while Rouga uses Hyouton Rouga Nadare no jutsu (ice element Rouga Nadare’s technique) and a pack of ice wolves appear but Kakashi just cuts right through them and causes an avalanche. Kakashi then grabs hold of Rouga and says that even if ninjutsu and genjutsu won’t work on him, there’s always taijustu and he piledrives him into the ground.

Dotou looks around for the treasure but just sees ice melting. The treasure was just a generator. Naruto arrives, jumps off the sled and runs at Dotou who uses Hyoutom, Kokuryuu Boufuusetsu (ice element, black dragon blizzard). A black dragon with red eyes erupts from his hand. Naruto’s knocked down but gets back up and his chakra leaks out. Dotou runs at him and knocks him into the ground, breaking the ice and Naruto falls into the water. Sasuke appears and uses his chidori against Dotou. He cracks his armor but Dotou knocks him out. Naruto calls upon the demon fox and the chakra inhibitor breaks. Naruto clones fly out of the water. Dotou uses Souryuu Boufuusetsu again but this time twin dragons come up and merge to form a twister and destroys the clones. Dotou thinks it over but when the smoke clears, Naruto is starting his rasengan. The princess now believes in him and accepts him as the greatest ninja. Kakashi and Sakura arrive to see the seven color chakra coming from the rasengan. Dotou’s armor is destroyed and he crashes against the cliffs. Suddenly everything turns green, into spring. The princess recalls her childhood goal to become a kind strong princess when spring comes.

Ending, the princess’s inauguration ceremony. The device was incomplete but the princess says it will be studied and refined so that Snow Country will become Spring country but she’s not quitting acting. She holds up a copy of Icha Icha Paradise? (with a green jacket?) Kakashi gets all flustered. A bunch of kids ask her for her autograph. Naruto wants one but Sasuke says he got one for him. It’s a photo of Naruto in the hosiptal, unconscious, as the princess kisses him on the cheek. She signs it "Never give up on becoming Hokage" Fujikaze Yukie.

Review: Basically a bunch of okay filler episodes. But Rouga vs Kakashi was cool!


The unlucky princess Princess Fuun played by Fujikaze Yukie (Fire Country’s most famous actress) aka Princess Kazahana Koyuki

Mao = villain in the movie

Tsukuyaku played by Michi

Brit played by Kin

Shishimaru played by Hideo

Asabasan Sandayuu = manager, member of the 50th Brigade.

Kazahana Sousetsu = father to Koyuki

Kazahana Dotou = evil younger brother to Sousetsu

Snow Country Shinobis:

Rouga Nadare = leader, Kakashi’s opponent

Kakuyoku Fubuki = female snow shinobi

Fuyaguma Mizore = big snow shinobi with snowboard

Nawanuke no jutsu = escape techniques


If the princess is going to be in Icha Icha Paradise the movie then this takes place before ep 101.