Naruto Dub Edits Ep 1-6


Ep 1

After Naruto's sexy jutsu, Iruka has a nosebleed which is why he then has tissue in his nose. The nosebleed was edited out along with all other blood. Nosebleeds mean being excited.


Ep 2

Both the Hokage's nosebleed and Ebisu's were edited out.


Ep 3

The infamous kiss between Naruto and Sasuke was edited out.


Ep 4

Kakashi uses "destroy" in the dub instead of "kill" in most instances. The picture is the "thousand years of death" aka "thousand years of pain."


Ep 5

The joke Kakashi made was about how Sasuke was "heads above" the other two, not that he was different. The jutsu was called "earth decapitation" not "head hunter."


Ep 6

Naruto stabs himself hard! Blood edited out.


For more and more detailed edits (We're too busy/got lazy) this site is good: Naruto Editz