Harry Potter and Naruto


I always thought that Harry Potter would make a great anime rather than a movie.  Naruto is just like Harry Potter in ninja school!

See below for comparisons. If you have more suggestions, send them to us!






parents killed by Voldemort

parents unknown (possibly killed by ninetail fox demon)

scar on forehead

seal on stomach

wears glasses

wore goggles

friend Hermione is real smart

friend Sakura is real smart

best friend Ron

best rival Sasuke

goes to wizard school at age 11

graduates from shinobi academy at age 12

currently wizard in training

currently shinobi in training

uses magic wand

uses hand seals

Dumbledore is kindly old wizard in charge

Hokage is kindly old shinobi in charge

watches Cedric die

watches Haku die

loses father figure Cyrius Black

loses father figure Hokage

trademark spell Patronicus

trademark seal Kage Bunshin

teacher McGonagall turns into a cat

Kakashi-sensei summons dogs

acknowledged by Lupin

acknowledged by Iruka

Harry vs basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets and dragon in the Goblet of Fire

Naruto vs giant snake in the chuunin exam and Gaara's sand demon

Voldemort is associated with snakes Orochimaru is associated with snakes