Personal Data


First Name: Kakashi (scarecrow)

Family Name: Hatake (field)

Alias: Copy ninja, Sharingan no Kakashi

Age at start of anime: 26

Birthday:  Sept 15 (Virgo - analytical and critical)

Hair: White-Light gray

Eyes: (Right) Dark-grey, (Left) Sharingan is red with 3 black yin-yang shaped dots

Height: 5'11" (not sure how much of his hair this includes, his hair looks like it would add 8 inches or more, lol)

Weight: 149 lbs (slim athletic build)

Bloodtype: O (universal donor)

Milestones: genin at 5, chuunin at 6, jounin at 13

Missions:   D: 197  C: 189  B: 413  A: 276  S: 38

Occupation: Jounin, sensei to team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura)

Lightning is his main element but he has also used water and earth (manga/anime) and ice (Naruto movie 1). Inventor of the chidori, aka lightning edge and raikiri, his sole original jutsu.  Used against Zabuza/Haku, seen being channeled (not used) against Orochimaru. He can also use rasengan.

Voice Actor: (surname, first name)
Inoue  Kazuhiko
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