Manga Cuts from Anime

Episode 25 = Manga Vol 8, Ch 16


Manga Cuts:

Beginning of chapter, after Mihashi gets home from the Tosei game: Ruri gets ready to leave. Mihashi's mom runs off to get someting for her familt. Ruri says the next game is on a weekday so she can't come. Mihashi asks Ruri to tell Kanou that he won, but she tells him to tell Kanou himself and don't ask her brother Ryuu to do it either. She then texts her brother to warn him in advance. Ren's mom then drives Ruri home, but mentions stopping at Sano-san's.

The next morning, Mihashi's mom talks to Hanai's mom. There's school but exams are over. They're just having athletic competitions. It'll be a week until the next game. (It's probably Monday and Tosei game was on Sunday.)

After Abe talks about how he met Sakaeguchi at the entrance exams, Izumi asks about Shinooka. It takes Abe a while to recall she was in the same study group! Shinooka moved to her mom's family place which is in the opposite direction of where she used to live and she has to take a train to school. (Abe, Sakaeguchi and Shinooka all attended the same middle school.)

Rio returns home and is greeted by his evil brother, Roka who calls him a "Loser" and bullies him. Roka tells Rio he can get revenge on Nishiura by giving him the game data and staying in contact with Tajima.


Omake: A Summer Day in the Life of a Manager part2: While the players are warming up, Shinooka waters the field. Then she goes to the Math department to prepare sports drink powder and makes the rice. She sometimes gives out balls for hitting, or goes shopping, or videotapes for form checks, or repair balls. Then she picks up ingredients for onigiri and makes more drinks and later makes the onigiri and more drinks (tea).