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Grade: B+

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Reviewed: Sub

Epsiodes: 24

Notes: The movie X/1999 came first, not reviewed here. Also there is an OVA which is just a preview of the series.


Kamui is the chosen one, the one who will choose the fate of the Earth and mankind, whether to allow humans to continue with their destructive ways, or to enact change and begin anew, ridding the Earth of humans. Will he choose to be the Dragon of Heaven and side with the 7 Seals to save mankind, or will he become the Dragon of Earth and side with the 7 Angels? Which side will he choose? Will it matter if everything is predestined?


This series has super animation with perfectly blended computer graphics. However, since this is done in the shoujo style, too many characters look alike. Some of them are supposed to look like another, but it is particularly confusing in the beginning when the viewer is trying to keep track of so many characters. But after each character gets his own special episode, by the end you'll know who's who. Music and voices are good, nothing notable.


The first few episodes start off with too many characters, several who look very similar, but then episodes are devoted to each of the seven seals and some of the seven angels. It's hard to identify with so many characters or to develop them fully within 24 episodes, but the series makes a good effort in character development. Sorata, one of the seals, is obviously written for comic relief, with only moderate success. The plot is the usual conflicting factions and Armegeddon, but what sets it apart is the conflict within the characters. Kamui starts off as a jerk but it is a façade to safeguard those he loves. Several of the 7 angels are not convinced that their side is right. The action scenes are okay, but just a lot of jumping around and stuff being thrown around and blown up, no strategy.

Overall, a couple of good plot twists, some interesting characters and beautiful animation, but it suffers from a weak ending and could have used a couple of extra episodes.

Recommended for shoujo animation/Clamp fans, rated PG-13 for violence and implicit sexual situations.