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Grade: B

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Reviewed: Sub

Episodes: 25 episodes

Notes: Oni and Tengu are types of demons.



Chinomiya Kantaro is a writer struggling to make ends meet. He also works as an exorcist and writes about his cases. Since childhood he has been looking for where the Oni-eating Black Tengu is sealed. One day he finds and releases the Tengu, which he names Shunka, who now helps him with his cases.


Nice bright and clean animation with typical shoujo character designs. The action scenes are generally rather lame and just has Kantaro performing the same sequence of seals and chants. Several characters have annoying voices, including the main character Kantaro who has a rather high pitched, sneaky, grating voice.


This series is mostly episodic with an overall weak plot involving a secret organization that is after the Tengu. At the center of the series is the relationship between Kantaro and Shunka, the Tengu, who must obey him because Kantaro has given him a name. They quarrel but they also become friends and Shunka ultimately stays because of his fondness for Kantaro rather than because he has to.

A ghost-busting exorcist sounds like an exciting premise, but this series is relatively low key and mild and more geared toward a younger audience. Though there are a few good relatively exciting episodes with some decent action, most episodes are just not very interesting or memorable or original. Some cases include a doll that appears to come to life, an ice demon, a mysterious photographer where the subject disappears after being photographed, etc. The humor is gentle though quite often it feels forced, but overall amusing. The gender questionable White Tengu married to a little monster is just too bizarre and silly. A couple of other characters include a fox demon (Kantaro’s cook and housekeeper) and a little girl (daughter of an ex-client) who doesn’t really fit well into the series and is probably just there for the demographics and a plot twist. Overall the characters are likeable enough but not that interesting or distinctive.

Rated PG and recommended for younger viewers. Older audiences might find this boringly common, but watchable for the entire family.