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Grade: B-

Genre: Action/adventure, Comedy

Reviewed: Sub

Episodes: reviewed 8 of 26? (stopped watching due to lack of interest)

Notes: also spelled Sunabozu


Mizuno Kanta is a kid who earns his living as a freelance "handyman" (basically a bounty hunter, mercenary, collection agent) also known as the Demon of the Desert. He captures criminals and retrieves treasure using ninja type tricks and traps.


The animation is of the washed out style with faded colors, appropriate for its desert setting. Most of the character designs are crude, ugly caricatures rather than anything realistic. The opening theme is a mix of live action and music with a Motown feel, while the ending theme is animated to silly ecchi verses. Voices are adequately annoying as befitting the characters.


Several 100 years after the fall of civilization, the Great Kantou Desert is rife with bandits. The first 8 episodes are episodic as Kanta takes job after job, usually ending in some disaster, either inflicted by him or on him. There are some nice strategies and comic moments, and some good action, but overall the characters are not particularly likeable or interesting. This is more of a rather campy, wink-wink, tongue-in-cheek series which caters to fan service.

Rated PG-13. This anime is basically for people who like ecchi big boob humor. If you don't find that sort of stuff funny, don't bother with this show. Teenage boys are most likely to find this amusing.