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Scrapped Princess


Grade: A-

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Magic-Girl

Reviewed: Sub

Epsiodes: 24

Notes:  If you like Vision of Escaflowne you should like this.


Upon her birth, Pacifica Cathule was prophesized by the Mazul Church to cause the destruction of the world on her sixteenth birthday. Her father, the king, ordered her death, but the queen sent someone to save her. Now, nearing her 16th birthday, she is on the run from the Mazul Church, the King's soldiers, and powerful beings known as Peacemakers, while protected by her adoptive sister Raquelle, a powerful magic user, and her brother Shannon, an expert swordsman. But there are more powerful forces at work and mankind is caught in the middle. Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy?


Animation is very good, in a lovely shoujo style. The character designs are nice, but as usual with shoujo, some of the characters look too similar. But all the guys and gals are hot. Despite mixing pseudo-medieval designs with designs of advanced technical equipment, the result is not incongruous and the animation flows well. Music is also quite good, different and interesting with celtic overtones. Each episode is cutely named after a type of music (sonata, symphony, cantata etc.). The voices are fine overall.


It's not too often that one finds an anime with some real thought. There's more going on than what first appears and Pacific is not as annoying as she first appears. Pacifica is a typical anime heroine, pretty and spunky and often annoying, but her circumstances make her sympathetic. Her sister, Raquelle, and brother, Shannon, are bound to protect her, placing their own lives in constant danger. Pacifica is aware of their sacrifice and often has thoughts of whether they'd be better without her. There's some very likeable, distinctive characters and the anime takes the time to introduce and develop them. In their travels they meet both enemies and allies and some in between. Get ready for some nice twists and thought provoking conceptions of religion and destiny. There's also some good action and magic scenes involving the Dragoons and Peacemakers whose roles are a bit confusing at first, but it's soon cleared up and their origins are surprising.

The pacing is good, not fast and not slow. And what may seem at first like a filler episode contains information relevant to the overall plot. There are forced attempts at humor usually centering around the relationship between Pacific and Shannon, but they are also some genuine laughs. Women will probably like this more than men and pure action fans will probably be disappointed, but this is a very good anime for the entire family. However, if you're seriously religious, the parallels between the Mazul Church and existing religious establishments may be offensive. PG Recommended for all ages, but some parts might be a bit scary for kids under 6.