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Grade: B

Genre: Sci-Fi, Historical

Reviewed: Dub shown on Cartoon Network

Epsiodes: 13

Notes: Interesting history lesson.



This anime chronicles the rise of the historical figure, Alexander the Great from Macedonia, conqueror of most of the known world before he was 30. But it does it with a sci-fi, supernatural twist with prophecies, a man-eating horse, and flying assassins.


Anything positive about this anime is overshadowed by the ugly character designs. Too much heavy use of lines to create impossibly tall, thin characters where the men and women look the same. The men tend to wear skimpy thong type costumes instead of real armor. They all look like they should be rehearsing for a ballet. Score and voices in the dub were generally passable.


Not episodic as this follows Alexander's ascent to power. Actually, this anime is about 75% historically accurate if you ignore the sci-fi elements. Alexander did have a fierce horse (not flesh eating though) that only he could tame and ride, and his father did have a celebration parading a statue of himself along with the gods. Of course what the creators included in this pseudo biography is all the tabloid historical accounts of prophecies and assassination plots. This series had potential and is quite interesting with some good action scenes, strategies, and characters. But the distractingly poor character designs make it barely watchable. There are also a lot of characters and unless you know your Greek-Roman history, it's easy to get them confused.

Rated PG-13 Weird looking characters might bother younger kids. Make the older ones watch it and there's a chance they might want to learn more about one of the youngest and greatest conquerors in history.