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Grade: C+

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Reviewed: Dub

Epsiodes: 13

Notes: This was apparently a remake, which may explain the retro animation.



Jiro is a human-looking android who converts to the super robot Kikaider. But his creator is killed before his conscience circuit can be installed and he becomes open to the influences of an evil organization. Will Jiro be able to form human relationships, or will he give in to his dark side?


The fluidity of the animation is fine, but this series seriously suffers from inappropriate character designs. The distracting cute/corny retro character designs clash against the dark plot elements (there's suicide and sex). The android Jiro carries around a guitar and plays it a bit, but that doesn't help the musical score. Dub voices are barely passable.


Series starts off with Jiro being activated and his creator mysteriously killed. Mitsuko and her little brother Masaru, the creator's children, befriend Jiro, but he runs away when they become afraid of his Kikaider form. He is unable to control his transformation since his conscience circuit (Gemini) is incomplete.

Series is mostly episodic where Jiro tries to be human, but then suddenly becomes the killer robot when a flute is played, thereby turning the trust humans felt to fear. Dark, the evil organization headed by Professor Gil, also his creator's employer, tries to control Jiro with the flute. Jiro also turns into Kikaider in order to protect his creator's children from Dark's monstrous robots. Mitsuko is torn between her fear of him and more intimate feelings.

There are a couple of interesting developments involving Mitsuko's mother's and father's past, but overall, not very interesting, recycled Frankenstein/Pinnochio storyline. It makes no sense for the android to carry around a guitar which disappears when he transforms! Rated PG-13, despite cute looking characters, a few episodes are definitely not for kids.