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Grade: B-

Genre: Romance, Comedy/Drama

Reviewed: Sub

Episodes: 13 episodes

Notes: Based on a game. A remake is in progress in 2006.


After seven years, Yuichi Aizawa returns to the town where something happened that caused him to block out his memories. He lives with his cousin and becomes involved with several girls at school and one mysterious girl named Tsukimiya Ayu who seems familiar.


Animation is rather flat and mediocre. The characters often look rather deformed instead of cute as if they were being draw at odd angles. Character designs are in an uninspired shoujo style. Overall score is adequate. Character voices were annoying and often too cute and childish.


This is basically a harem anime with supernatural elements that don't make much sense until you realize this is based on a game so it's not supposed to. There are some touching moments in this series as each girl Yuichi is involved with has a serious problem. As he helps the girls resolve their problems, he gains bits of his own memory. But the series is rather slow paced and the many characters are too annoying and not well developed since this is a short series. This series would have done better to focus on the three main characters and their love triangle: Yuuichi, Nayuki (his cousin) and Ayu (girl from his past).

Kanon and Air are often compared because both involve a guy who helps out various girls who suffer from some tragedy. Both are melodramatic series with a touch of humor. But Air had wonderful animation and music and likable, non-annoying characters and decent character development, although both suffer from the what-just-happened-ending.

Rated PG, recommended only to those who can stomach annoying characters and preposterous outcomes, or really really like melodrama.