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. Hack//Sign

Grade: B-

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Reviewed: Dub

Epsiodes: 26

Notes: If you don't mind snail pacing, you may also like Witchhunter Robin.


Tsukasa is a player in the "World" of virtual reality role playing. He finds that he can't log off. Adding to his confusion is a monster dumbell-shaped guardian who protects him from danger. A host of other characters assist in solving the riddle of this player and in finding the Key of the Twilight which may in turn explain Tsukasa's purpose in the World.


Animation is rather stilted and fairly simple. Designs are too simplistic for a virtual world where you expect more lush scenery and atmosphere. Opening and ending themes and score are very good throughout. Dub voices are quite good.


Starts off interesting, but nothing happens. It's v-e-r-y- s-l-o-w -p-a-c-e-d. Anything interesting is also confusing. Some character development occurs near the end where Tsukasa starts to develop real friendships with those who have been helping him throughout the series. But it's so boring, it's not worth the effort to find out what the mysteries are, and most questions are not answered at the end anyway. This is only one part of a series of games and anime and you would probably have to play/watch them all to have most of your questions answered. But preferably, just stay away from all of them, it's just a marketing trap and the effort is not worth it.

This is an innocuous anime and you can watch it with your kids, but they'll probably fall asleep.