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Full Metal Panic Fumoffu


Grade: A

Genre: Comedy

Reviewed: Sub

Episodes: 12 episodes (see more notes below)

Notes: "Fumoffu" is the sound made by Bonta-kun, a giant teddy bear who is the mascot of an amusement park.



Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori are back in a purely comic, slightly romantic, high school series. The robots are gone but there's still plenty of guns and bombs!


Above average animation with the same character designs as the first series. Opening/ending themes and score are adequate. Voice actors are appropriate, none particularly annoying, and kudos to deadpan yet charasmatic Sousuke Sagara.


Whether or not you enjoyed Full Metal Panic or if you have never seen the original Full Metal Panic, you will love this series! It takes where the original series succeeds, the comic episodes, and expands on it. Sagara's military solutions to everyday events and problems are rolling on the floor hysterically hilarious. Watch Sousuke blow up lockers and pull out his guns and bombs at every opportunity. Watch Kaname hit him again and again with her oversized fan, trying futilely to knock some sense into him.

Unlike the first, this series is purely episodic with no continuing storyline and can be seen in any order. The characters are caricatures so do not expect any real character development. There is also no serious mecha action. Although Sousuke's comrades do make appearances, it's to go visit the hot springs. All comedies must have a visit to the hot springs!

Rated PG for guns and explosions. Recommended for all.

There were 12 half-hour episodes created, but only 11 were broadcasted on Japanese television. There are actually two titles (some eps contain 2 shorts rather than 1 normal length episode) that were not broadcasted but are now available on DVD. These are two of the funniest episodes. One deals with child kidnapping and similar child kidnapping events actually happened in Japan shortly before the planned broadcast. The other involves a stampede at the school lunch stand.

List of episodes with short summary (much funnier than it sounds):

Episode 1
The Man Who Came From The South - Sousuke blows up his tampered locker and finds remnants of a love letter.
Hostage Who Requires No Negotiation - Sousuke pisses off a gang who then kidnaps Kaname; Sousuke kidnaps the brother of the gang leader in return. (unaired)

Episode 2
Hostility That Passed - After a mishap at the bun stand, Sousuke and Kaname are forced to run the stand while a teacher plots Sousuke's demise. (unaired)
A Fruitless Lunchtime - Sousuke forgets to return Chidori's homework. The two spend their lunch period trying to retrieve it and get back to school in time.

Episode 3
Steel Summer Illusion - A wealthy boy takes an interest in Kaname. Sousuke thinks she's been kidnapped.

Episode 4
Artistic Hamburger Hill - The art class goes out to sketch. Sousuke decides to become one with nature.
Stakeout with All of One's Heart - Kaname goes on a date with an old crush. Sousuke follows them to an amusement park.

Episode 5
The Hard Sell Fetish - Sousuke plots to capture a masher who has a fetish for ponytails.
The Patient Of Darkness - Sousuke and Kaname investigate a haunted house

Episode 6
The Pure Yet Impure Grappler - Kaname gets an unwanted suitor who happens to be head of the karate club and fights almost as well as Sousuke.
Trespass with Good Intentions - Tsubaki continues to challenge Sousuke.

Episode 7
War Cry That Has Gone Too Far - Sousuke helps out the rugby club.

Episode 8
The Goddess Visits Japan (Part 1: The Suffering) - Tessa visits Sousuke on her vacation.

Episode 9
The Goddess Visits Japan (Part 2: The Hot Spring) - Sousuke protects Tessa's privacy at the hot springs.

Episode 10
A Fancy With No Moral Codes - Sousuke fights against the Yakuza.

Episode 11
Uncontrollable Bluebird - Teams compete in a social experiment, and whoever gets the most girls to arrive at a certain location wins a room for their club.

Episode 12
Fifth Period's Hot Spot - Sousuke's bottle of hazardous material is released in the classroom.