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Grade: C+

Genre: Weird, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy

Reviewed: Dub

Epsiodes: 6

Notes: Also called Fooly Cooly and Furi Kuri; From Gainax, same production company as Neon Genesis Evangelion



Naota is a young boy whose brother left for America to be a baseball player. He complains how nothing ever happens, but all that changes when a crazed alien girl with a guitar crashes into him and he starts sprouting giant robots from his head!


Interesting animation, which includes a mix of different styles. Character designs are fairly simple. Music is up tempo and very loud. Voices are well done.


Good music, though too loud, interesting animation, and some good soliloquies, but the frenetic pacing, annoying alien girl, and disjointed story will leave some audiences cold and others thinking it's one of the greatest anime ever. At first glance, it's about this alien girl Haruko with a guitar who befriends and beats up Naota, a boy who can channel objects via his head through inter-dimensional space (something like that to explain why giant robots sprout out of his head). It took several viewings to get past the loud music and craziness, but underneath it appears to be about growing up, taking chances, and accepting yourself.

You'll either love the animation/loud music/weird story or hate it. I'm more inclined to the latter. It gave me a headache, but I respect what it tries to do and there are some good qualities. For people who don't mind not having a coherent storyline, and can just accept it as an animation/atmospheric experience. Its loudness is more geared toward adolescents and college students. Title refers to something perverted and the series contains sexual innuendo and some nudity, not appropriate for children under 12.