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Grade: B+

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Contemporary, Sci-Fi

Reviewed: Sub Episodes: 27 (24 real episodes, 3 review episodes)

Notes: By Clamp (Cardcaptor Sakura, X, Magic Knights Rayearth)


Hideki is a poor and not too bright farm boy who goes to the big city in order to cram for the college entrance exams. One day he finds a beautiful persocon (android computer) mysteriously discarded with the trash. He names her "Chii" because that's all she can say - apparently her hard disk and memories have been wiped clean. Hideki knows nothing about computers, but with his friends' help, they attempt to teach her about the world while unraveling the mystery of her origin, and her complex powers.


Beautiful animation in Clamps' shoujo style. Only Hideki is not the usual beautifully handsome shoujo male. He is drawn and meant to be a rather plain looking guy, which makes him more believable and effective. Overall score is fine with pretty beginning and ending themes. Chii has the cutest voice - how many ways can you say "Chii" with expression? (She's like a Pokemon!) Sumomo (a miniature persocon) is super enthusiastic and Hideki is just goofy enough. The other voices are all fine as well.


Overall, it's quite funny, but sometimes the humor wears thin with the exaggerated expressions and the rolling on the floor. (Do people really do that?) They tried really hard to make this funny, but the humor often seems silly and forced (the panty buying episode is one joke strung out over 20 minutes). Better is the very touching relationships between a number of the characters, which develop in the second half of the series. Their relationships question what is it about someone that makes you fall in love? There are people-people relationships, and people-android relationships, none which is less real to the ones involved. The series is mostly episodic as Chii, like a child, learns about the world around her. The continuing storyline develops in the last few episodes where you find out the mysteries of Chi's origin and her real purpose. There are a few plot twists, but anyone looking for an android battle will be sadly disappointed. The slightly disappointing ending leaves open further thoughts for discussion about what would happen to humanity if androids become more like people.

Overall a good anime, more geared toward a male sense of humor, but women will enjoy the relationship aspects. Mostly PG, recommended for all ages, except for a few episodes that should be censored for younger children due to sexual situations and sexual innuendo.