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Blue Gender


Grade: B

Genre: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Reviewed: Dub shown on Cartoon Network

Epsiodes: 26

Notes: If you like shoot-them-up action with sci-fi elements also try Gun Grave.


Yugi is awakened from a cryogenic sleep chamber where he was placed years ago for having an incurable illness. He wakes to find the Earth in shambles, where humans are hunted by giant bugs (the "Blue"). He is rescued by soldiers who live on a space station. There he learns to fight using mecha. But Yugi and others like him were sought out intentionally because they were "sleepers" and may hold the key to the destruction of the Blue.


Animation is a bit slow and stilted except for the action scenes. Character designs are pretty good and realistic looking. Bugs and mecha are nothing special. Musical score and voices were generally okay.


The story is not really episodic, but with all the shooting, seeing them out of order is not a big deal. In the first part of the series, Yugi and Marlene, the soldier who saves him, are trying to find a way back to the spacestation. The second half deals with Yugi's development and role in defeating the Blue. Nice relationships between main characters and some good character development - Yugi is transformed from a coward to a fighting madman and Marlene from an uncaring, authoritative, by the book type, to someone with real feelings. But I didn't find the Blue particularly interesting or exciting. There's no explanation why the bugs are called the Blue or why the series is called Blue Gender. Mostly it's just a lot of shoot them up action.

Recommended for sci-fi action fans who love bullets and bugs. There are scenes of blood, violence, maiming, death, etc. so not for kids under 12.