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One Hundred Stories


Grade: A-

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Reviewed: Sub

Epsiodes: 13

Notes: Licensed as "Requiem from the Darkness."  Also check out the movie "Kwaidan" by director Masaki Kobayashi.


Momosuke Yamaoka is a young man seeking to collect 100 kwaidan (supernatural) stories. The legend asserts that after 100 stories, the author will encounter a supernatural experience. Well, he gets more than he bargains for when he meets up with a team of 3 mysterious strangers with supernatural powers. They are seeking out the guilty who have gone unpunished and deal out retribution as they see fit. Momosuke becomes involved with their elaborate schemes and even helps out. But who is their master and what is his ultimate scheme?


Animation, to put it simply, is weird. Some scenes are nightmarish, others in typical nice normal animation; some scenes are stark with cutting contrast while others are more detailed and colorful. Characters designs are also very strange where unimportant background people don't have normal heads or faces, just blocks of wood. A few minor recurring characters don't look human at all. Beginning and ending themes are haunting love songs in contrast to the content. Overall score is adequate. Voices are just creepy enough.


Think "The Twilight Zone" meets "Tales from the Crypt" and you'll get a good sense what the stories are like. Some are quite good and ghoulishly disturbing, especially the first episode (Bean Counter) and the one with the ten states of decay of a pregnant woman. A couple of the episodes were hard to follow and didn't make much sense even upon a second viewing. The main character starts off as a good hearted bumbling coward who develops a backbone and decides to help the group deal out retribution. Overall, the series looks into the darkness of the human or rather inhuman heart. The series is episodic, but the last few episodes are linked. The final episodes are a bit confusing as to what is the master plan of the being ultimately behind the shenanigans of the group.

The stories are supposed to be based on Japanese myths, but we haven't verified or correlated them. If anyone can, contact us.

Not for children under 12, scenes of violence and nightmarish animation and music can be quite disturbing even for an adult!