Tosei Characters

Tosei is the previous year's prefecture champion, who went all the way to the Koshien (probably didn't win the Summer Koshien). It's a Christian School that integrates middle and high school Level education

Tosei Team
Bio Notes
Stats: Position, Team#, Lineup#, Throw/Bat
Family Notes
Aoki, Takehiko was the only first year to start on the Tosei team last year and moved up from batting 8th/playiing thirdbase to the cleanup poistion/shortstop.

Shortstop, #14, bats 4th, Throw: R, Bat: L

Grandmother, Parents, older sister

Kawai, Kazuki is the catcher and a third year. Kawai is the Captain of Tosei's team, and is praised as being the heart of their roster. He's a good person and gives Hanai his good luck paper cranes. Friends with Junta and Rio and gets teased about being a married couple with Junta.

Catcher, #2, bats 5th, Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandfather, parents, younger brother, younger sister

Maekawa, Toshihiko

Rightfield, #9, bats 9th, Throw: R, Bat: L

Grandmother, Parents, older brother

Mashiba, Jin can also play Shortstop,

Thirdbase, #17, bats 1st, Throw: R, Bat: L

Grandparents, Parents, older brother

Matsunaga, Masaya doesn't seems as nice as the other Tosei guys. He thinks Abe is cheeky!
Leftfield, #7, bats 2nd, Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandparents, Parents, older brother

Motoyama, Yuji

Firstbaseman, #3, bats 6th, Throw: L, Bat: L


Nakazawa, Rio is a quarter Japanese. His mother is half-Japanese, Half-Mixed European. Father is Brazilian of Japanese descent. Was named after Rio de Janeiro. His villanous older brother Roka (see Bijou characters) was named after Casa da Roca, the western most point of Mainland Europe. Their parents went there on honeymoon and fell in love with the place. He's friends with Kazuki and Junta since middle school.

He's the Tosei coach's gopher and gives the signs instead of the coach. He becomes a Tajima-fanboy. Shinooka thinks he's cute. He seems to be on the lazy apathetic side and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Reserve catcher, #?, Throw: R, Bats R

Parents, older brother; deceased grandmother

Shimazaki, Shingo is one of the best players. Abe thinks he'll be the toughest nut to crack .

Secondbase, #4, bats 3rd, Throw: R, Bat: R

Parents, older brother

Takase, Junta is the Ace pitcher, but with uniform#10 that indicates there's probably another pitcher with uniform#1 of an upper classman. His top pitch is his sinker, used against left handed hitters. For right handers, he uses a forkball. He has a strange sense of humor under pressure and thinks Mihashi's hilarious. Friends with Kazuki and Rio.

Pitcher, #10, bats 7th, Throw: R, Bat: R

Parents, younger brother

Yamanoi, Keisuke is an easy going guy and cool under pressure. He has a good sense of humor and teases Junta.

Centerfield, #8, bats 8th, Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandparents, Parents, older sister, younger sister

Coach seems to be a pretty sharp guy who works his players hard and won't stand for excuses. The team seems to respect and fear him.
Kurata - third year coaches firstbase
reserve player
Takashima - third year coaches thirdbase
reserve player