Sakitama Characters

Nishiura plays Sakitama after Tosei. Sakitama High is a Prefectural Agricultural School 40 min away from Nishiura by bike.

This team and its players and coach are the direct opposite of the Nishiura team!

Sakitama Team
Bio Notes
Stats: Position, Team#, Lineup#, Throw/Bat
Family Notes
Furusawa Atsushi

Leftfielder., #7, Bats 3rd

Throws: R; Bats: R

Parents, younger sister

Harada Reiichi is apparently a weak second baseman of whom Nishiura takes advantage.


Second baseman, #4, bats 7th

Throws: R, Bats: R

Mother, older sister

Ichihara Yutaka used to be a right fielder but now he's the pitcher and doesn't seem to enjoy it all that much. His specialty is the screwball. He tends to shake off pitches and pitches what he wants. He also has a tendency to keep runners close to the bag and thinks too much when runners on on first and third. He's Mihashi's direct opposite!

He generally looks annoyed. He thinks his team can be better if Tai-san, the captain, is harder on them. The team calls him Ic-chan.

Pitcher, #1, bats 9th

Throws: L, Bats:L

Grandfather, parents, younger brother

Kamimura Ryoichi

Centerfield, #8, Bats 6th

Throws: R, Bats: R

Grandparents, Parents, older brother, younger brother

Oyama Hiroki is the nicest captain you'll ever come across. He never yells or gets upset at his players. He always encourages them, and tells them not to worry when they make a bad play. He also acts as the coach since the official coach knows little about baseball. He became this way because so many players left the baseball team he felt it was the only way to get people to stay. He's Momoe's direct opposite!

He's in his third year and sees the summer tournament as his last chance. The team calls hims Tai-san, which is a nick name from "Oyama no Taishou" (king of the mountain), a kids' game. He was called Tai-chan in elementary school.

Shortstop, #6, bats 4th

Throws: R, Bats:R

Grandparents, Parents, older brother

Sakura Daichi is great hitter, has a great arm, but as a catcher, he is quite mediocre. He lets the pitcher shake off his pitches and is about as bright as a two watt light bulb despite his baseball skills. He's Abe direct opposite!

He was a very energetic child and was enrolled in little league. He had to switch to soccer since his middle school did not have a baseball team. He switched back to baseball since Sakitama did not have a soccer team. He is huge for a first year. Despite his intimiating looks, he is a big crybaby.

Catcher, #2, bats 5th

Throws: R, Bats: R

Grandfather, parents, three older brothers, younger sister

Sawamura Masato is a competent first baseman. He seems very level-headed and keeps the peace between the irritated pitcher and the too laidback captain.

First baseman, #3, bats 8th

Throw: R, Bats: R

Parents, younger brother

Sugita Toru seems to be a rather weak player. He got nervous in a tense situation and misplayed it.

Third baseman, #5, bats 2nd

Throws: R, Bats: R

Grandmother, parents, brother

Tanaka Mitsuteru

Rightfield, #9, bats 1st

Throws: R, Bats: R

Parents, younger brother

Coach is a baseball novice and does not get involve with the strategy or calls in the game.  
Heckler - old guy with time on his hands, did not appreciate Mihashi walking Sakura.