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Nishiura Team Bio Notes Stats: Position, Uniform#, Throw, Bat
Family Notes

Abe, Takaya is a super analytical catcher, and one of the vice captains selected by the captain, Hanai. His hobby seems to be gathering intel on the other team's players. One of the most experienced team members, he played on a top team in the Senior League during middle school (and is thus used to a "hard" ball) where he became a regular by catching for Haruna, whose pitches were so hard and wild that Abe suffered bruises. Abe decided on attending Nishiura after checking out the baseball field.

Bad tempered, loud, and blunt, Abe appears to bully Mihashi, but is in fact Mihashi's greatest supporter after he realizes how much hard work Mihashi has put in to have such great control.

Academically, he seems to be fine in all subjects and can tutor math.

Abe is the second most important character. (But the most important one for this site! See our Abe shrine for more!)

Catcher, #2, Throw: R, Bat: R

His dad is loud too! His mother is currently more occupied with his younger brother, Shun, who is on a baseball team in middle school.

Hanai, Azusa was elected captain by his teammates for being relatively smart (not as smart as Abe!), level headed, responsible, capable of speaking out to Momoe, and willing to do thankless tasks. He's the tallest and potentially most powerful hitter, but has an inferiority complex compared to Tajima. He was the cleanup hitter in middle school but this is his first year with a hard ball. Hanai usually plays rightfield, but he is an alternate pitcher and can play centerfield.

Academically, he seems to be fine in all subjects and can tutor English, though he can't tutor math or biology. He wears glasses off the field and may be farsighted.

Hanai first comes off as an arrogant male chauvenist, but Momoe and Abe soon put him in his place. Later he appears to be a responsible, considerate person haunted by insecurities. He is honest with himself and realizes how he would have bullied Mihashi in middle school, and how Tajima is a much better player. Hanai is probably the third most important character.

Rightfield, #9, Throw: R, Bat: R

His mom is very social and talkative. Hanai is respectful to other adults but is rude to his mom. His mom thinks Azusa (may mean Catalpa Tree) is a great name. His parents are hardcore baseball followers. He has two younger sisters (twins) Asuka and Haruka.

Izumi, Kosuke is apparently experienced though not much is known about his middle school days except he went to the same elementary and middle school as Hamada from the cheer squad. He usually plays centerfield but practices rightfield and thirdbase.

Academically, needs help in English.

Izumi is a relatively calm, patient and fun loving character. He's used to Abe's treatment of Mihashi and other crazy team antics. He likes to teases Hamada and Hanai. Izumi is relatively a minor character.

He also appears to be the most inconsistently drawn character. (See article on how to distinguish the team members.)

Centerfield, #8, Throw: R, Bat: Switchhitter

His mom looks older than most of the other moms, probably because he has an older brother who is already 20 years old.

Mihashi, Ren, the main character, is a pitcher with perfect control, little speed and no self confidence. He was a shy child, made worse when his family moved and he was unable to make new friends, and made even worse when he was forced to attend Mishoshi Academy where he was viewed as being favored because his grandfather owned the school (he's a trustee). He was bullied by his teammates at Mihoshi, but he refused to give up the mound. He pitched and lost every game.

At Nishiura, Abe immediately recognizes how talented and hardworking Mihashi is. Mihashi's practice target is divided into nine sections, above pro-pitcher level which has only four sections. He can throw breaking balls (shoot, curve, screwball, slider) and an unusual rising fastball. He has had no formal pitching training.

Because of his super wimpy personality, Abe always beats up on him. Mihashi gives full credit to Abe for getting outs since he was unable to with his former catcher who hated him. Despite everything, Mihashi is very stubborn, and refuses to give up the mound. He becomes very upset at the thought of having a reserve pitcher.

Academically, he's a very poor student. But unlike Tajima, he's not good at anything else. He's clumsy and unable to remember pitching patterns. All he can do is pitch as Abe tells him.

His room is a mess and he sleeps holding a baseball and there are more balls in his bed. (Must be uncomfortable!) He sure loves to eat and talk about food and is afraid of dogs.

Pitcher, #1, Throw: R, Bat: L

His parents eloped and lived in a crummy area when he was little. They moved into better digs and he was forced to transfer away from his friend Hamada (Hama-chan), now on the cheer squad.

His mother graduated from Nishiura so it seems it's his father's father who is the owner of Mihoshi Academy. His dad is the one who put together his first pitching target. His mom drives a Volvo and has some of the same mannerisms as her son.

He has two cousins going to Mihoshi Academy, Ruri (same grade as Mihashi) and her younger brother Ryuu (just started middle school). He stayed with them when he attended Mihoshi.

Mizutani, Fumiki is probably the worst regular. He usually bats right before the pitcher. He made an error during the practice game against Mihoshi. He normally plays left field (Abe called him Crappy Left) but also practices secondbase, firstbase and thirdbase.

Academically, needs help in classical literature

Of the regulars, he also seems to be the least baseball fanatical and is unsure of whether he can keep up. He often wears headphones outside of practice and seems to be a bit of a ditz. He's a minor character.

It's been revealed that he has a crush on the manager Shinooka, Chiyo,


Leftfield, #7, Throw: R, Bat: R

His mom's pretty too. Also has an older sister.

Nishihiro, Shintarou is the tenth player, the only spare on the bench. He has no prior baseball experience. However, he coaches at thirdbase and is training as an outfielder.

He is good academically (doesn't have to study) and is forced to tutor Tajima and Mihashi in every subject. He seems to be a nice quiet guy. Otherwise, he is a very minor character.

Outfield (Bench), #10
Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother and a younger sister whom he plays with at home.

Oki, Kazutoshi is one of the reserve pitchers. He doesn't want to pitch, but is forced to since he's a lefty. He has pitched in five games in middle school. He played firstbase since his third year in middle school. He is the only left handed player on the team. Besides pitching, he practices in the outfield.

Academically, needs help in English.

Oki is another a nice, quiet guy, who is disturbed by Abe's treatment of Mihashi. He gently points out to Abe that he is really loud. Other than that, Oki is a minor character.


Firstbase, #3, Throw: L, Bat: L

Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older Sister

Sakaeguchi, Yuuto is one of the experienced players. He played on a weaker team (compared to Abe's) in the Senior League. He went to the same middle school as Abe, but they didn't meet until they took the high school exams. Hanai selects him as one of the vice captains to help with the infielders. He's an expert bunter and good fielder. He usually plays secondbase but also practices shortstop. He decided on attending Nishiura after checking out the baseball field.

He gets diarrhea when stressed, very bad if before a game, but luckily that hasn't happened. Academically, he's good in classical literature, but weak in math.

Sakaeguchi often translates Mihashi's nonsensical behavior to Abe and Abe's intentions to Mihashi. He's very patient and an all around nice guy, but a relatively minor character.

Secondbase, #4, Throw: R, Bat: R

Father, older sister, younger brother. The only Nishiura player with no mother (deceased). Father often on business trips.

Suyama is a minor character so his past baseball experience is not known. He appears to be a nice, quiet, serious guy. He and Sakaeguchi seem to be relatively close since their field positions are next to each other and Suyama calmed Sakaeguchi down during the match against Tosei. He normally plays shortstop but also practices thirdbase.

Not in the anime: Suyama's gets some page time when he freaks out about possibly having to consume an inferior brand of horrible protein powder being supplied as the losing punishment prize by Momoe (see manga differences).

Shortstop, #6, Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older Brother, Younger Brother.

His mom wears glasses. Suyama seems respectful to others except his mom.

Tajima, Yuuichirou is considered a baseball prodigy. He was the cleanup hitter for the Arakawa Sea Breams, which gathers players from all over Kantou (not known if they used a hardball). He could've received a scholarship to attend a better high school than Nishiura, but he wants to stay close to his family.

Tajima is the smallest player on the team. Although he can hit any pitch, he is not a power hitter. He is the reserve catcher, but also plays firstbase when he injures his finger. He also practices secondbase. He's good in all athletics and came in first in the school's physical exams. Despite his talent, he is not arrogant at all, though he does seem to have issues with Hanai.

Academically, he's really stupid and requires Nishihiro's tutoring in order to pass. He's also gullible and easily manipulated by Momoe. Tajima has no censor and says whatever comes to his mind, such as announcing how he needs to masturbate every day.

Tajima is very social, enthusiastic, and positive. He becomes Mihashi's best buddy and treats him like a little brother. He's the fourth most important character.

Thirdbase, #5, Throw: R, Bat: L

Full house! Great grandfather, grandparents, parents, two older brothers, two older sisters, sister-in-law, dog, cat, and hamster.

Tajima is the youngest child. His mother claims he's spoiled from birth but when his great-grandfather had to go to the hospital, they all forgot about him. That's why Tajima chose to go to Nishiura which is right by the school. His Grandfather gardens near the school.

His mom is probably the oldest mom and seems very understated and proper and modest about her son's abilies.

Other Team Members    

Momoe, Maria (a.k.a. Momokan - short for Momoe-kantoku- coach Momoe) is the coach (or in American pro baseball, the manager). She was the manager (team supporter) of the baseball team while she was at Nishiura. She took part in the practices as there were few other players.

She works odd jobs such as window washer (skyscrapers!) and plans to spend her savings (about $20,000!) on equipment for the baseball team. She is a highly skilled player, and an excellent coach (and psychologist!). She drives a motorcycle.

Momoe is one of the main characters, as important as Hanai and Tajima.

Throw: L, Bat: L

Grandmother, Father, Mother, Younger Brother.

Ai-chan, Momoe's dog, a mix of corgi and Shiba Inu:

It seems very friendly.


Shiga, Tsuyoshi is a math teacher and the faculty advisor for the baseball team.

He doesn't seem to know much about baseball, but has a great deal of knowledge about the body and its relation to psychology. He teaches the team meditation techniques. When he's at the games, he sometimes reads a book. He's a minor character.

Wife, Son, Daughter

Shinooka, Chiyo is the team manager and helps out with towels, food, drinks, and even intel on other teams.She's very hardworking and earnest and knows all of their full names and birthdays. She takes onigiri (riceball, see our recipes!) orders from the players.

She went to the same middle school as Abe and Sakaeguchi, where she was on the softball team, playing shortstop. However, Abe doesn't seem to remember her! She moved after graduating middle school to help take care of her grandmother. She seems to live the furthest away and has to take a train to school.

She recognizes other schools by their uniforms and loves trying them on, swapping uniforms with her friends and taking pictures. She thinks Rio from Tosei is cute.

She's a minor character, but recently it's been revealed she has a crush on Abe (so she's now important!).

Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandmother, Father, Mother, Younger Sister

Nishiura Supporters    

Hamada, Yoshirou starts the cheering squad (Ouenden). He and Mihashi lived in Creaking Rust Villa and played baseball together, but Mihashi moved in second grade. Mihashi still calls him Hama-chan. He attended the same elementary school and middle school as Izumi and are very familiar.

Hamada has quit playing baseball, supposedly because of an elbow injury. He has “little league elbow” from pitching too much when he was younger. He now plays baseketball.

Hamada is a year older than Mihashi and the rest of the team. He claims he got left back because of stupidity, but later it's revealed his family had to move. He stayed behind and had to support himself.

He is very good at sewing and made the banner and headbands for cheering. His winter school uniform is from a friend at work.

Father, Mother, Younger Brother

Umehara, Keisuke is a second year student and a friend of Hamada's who joins the cheering squad. His winter school uniform is from a friend on the basketball team.

Grandmother, Father, Mother, Sister
Kajiyama, Riki is a second year student and a friend of Hamada's who joins the cheering squad. His winter
school uniform is a hand-me-down from his older brother.

Father, Mother, Older Brother
Matsuda, Yoshiyuki is a second year student. He plays the trumpet charge as part of the cheer squad. He can also play piano.

Grandmother, father, mother, older brother

Fukami, Chika is a second year student. She bangs the big drum as part of the cheering squad. (She looks better in the manga.) She can also play the saxophone and piano.
Father, mother, older sister, younger brother
Nonomiya, Shouko - never made it to the anime. Plays trumpet and the euphonium. Grandfather, father, mother
Tomoi, Ayano - friends with Shinooka and in the same class. She's on the dance club and wants to be a Cheerleader for the team. She likes hip hop and jazz. (Appears later in the manga.)
Grandmother, father, mother, older sister

Ogawa, Mia - friends with Shinooka and in the same class. She's on the dance club and wants to be a Cheerleader for the team. She likes hip hop and break dancing. (Appears later in the manga.)

Father, mother, older brother
Other Nishiura    

Ochi - a sempai of the two cheerleaders. She doesn't seem to like or trust Hamada. Seems to be a snooty and bitchy character. (Appears later in the manga.)  
Yuuri - a sempai of the two cheerleaders. (Appears later in the manga.)  
Vice Principal