Musashino Characters

Musahino Dai Ichi (also called Musashino First) was more known for its soccer, but in the past year with the addition of Haruna, its baseball team is now competitive.

Musashino Team
Bio Notes
Stats: Position, Team#, Year, Throw/Bat
Family Notes

Haruna, Motoki
is Abe's antagonist! Abe describes him as the worst despite his considerable skills. He was teamed with Abe in the Senior League. He joined the league soon after Abe, even though he's a year ahead. He was first on the middle school team, then suffered a knee injury thanks to his crappy coach. After that, Haruna became obsessed with preventing injury and thus instilled his 80 pitch rule. He now starts in the rightfield for Musashino, then usually starts pitching in the fourth inning.

His goal is to go pro, but he ended up at Musashino, a low tier baseball team, because he wanted a school where the field is adjacent to the school and the school has sufficient training facilities and the coach is as laid-back as possible. He turned down evil Roku's offer to go to Bijou Dai Sayama which has a superior team.

Haruna was a selfish jerk who didn't care about his teammates while he was in the Senior League. He shook off Abe's signs and pitched whatever he wanted. He had great velocity but little control, opposite of Mihashi, but now his control has improved.

Since being on the Musashino team, he has become the role model and has taken more of a leadership role as they advance in the summer tournament. It is solely because of Haruna that Musashino has been doing well. But he's still arrogant and obnoxious, as he patronizes Mihashi and thinks he's won over Abe.

He also has a crush on the team manager, Suzune.

Pitcher, rightfield, #9, 2nd year

Throw: L, Bat: L

Parents, older sister

Kaguyama, Naoto
is the starting pitcher, but he usually pitches only the first three innings. He's rather small for a third year, about the same size as Abe. He lost his confidence when he saw how much better Haruna was than he, but then developed great admiration for Haruna after he encouraged him to work hard toward victory.

Pitcher, #1, 3rd year

Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older Brother, Younger Sister

Akimaru, Kyohe
i is the reserve catcher of Musashino. He catches practice pitches with Haruna.He attended the same middle school as Haruna, but stayed on the middle school team while Haruna played in the Senior League. He's a level-headed, responsible guy who repeatedly has to keep Haruna out of trouble. He credits Abe for sticking with Haruna during his dark phase and thereby helping him change.

Reserve Catcher, # , 2nd year

Throw: R, Bat: R

Parents, two older sisters

Ookawa, the team captain, has a bad temper, but is basically a nice guy. He fights with Haruna a lot and is dating Suzune.

Thirdbase, #5, 3rd year

Throw: R, Bat: R

Machida, the regular catcher, can barely handle Haruna's full speed pitch. He seems serious, level headed and blunt.

Catcher, #2 , 3rd year

Throw: R

Miyashita Suzune, the manager, is the tough no-nonsense type, but capable of flirting and getting what she wants. She's dating the captain, Ookawa.
Manager, 3rd year
N/A The coach is reportedly very laidback, which is why Haruna chose Musashino.