Mihoshi Characters

Mihoshi is Mihashi's old team. His grandfather is a trustee of Mihoshi Academy, a private school which has both middle school and high school.

The players here are all first year students and are not regulars on the high school baseball team (although Kanou did get to pitch in a regular game). They did not have team uniform numbers when they played Nishiura in a practice game.

Bio Notes

Stats: Postion, Lineup Order, Throw, Bat
Family Notes

Hatake, Atsushi was Mihashi's catcher throughout middle school. He bullies Mihashi, even threatening to break his arms. He's good friends with Kanou and thinks he's a better pitcher than Mihashi. He's a very medicore catcher with no strategy, quickly calling for pitches. His knowledge of pitching is also very lacking. (Compared to Abe, he's like an first-grader while Abe is a pro catcher! Why is he named Hatake? I hate this guy but I heart Hatake Kakashi!)

Catcher, #5, Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older Brother

Hiiragi - Graduate of Mihoshi Middle School

Centerfield, #2, Throw: R, Bat: R
Kadota - new to Mihoshi.

Rightfield, #6, Throw: R, Bat: R

Kanou, Shuugo was the reserved catcher when Mihashi pitched for Mihoshi in middle school. His special pitch is the forkball, but he can pitch at 75mph.

Kanou first appears to be a cool, confident character and friendly to Mihashi, but he actually has an inferiority complex and realizes Mihashi is a better pitcher. He feels he has to win against Mihashi to prove himself. He's popular with the other players and is good friends with Hatake.

He's Mihashi's only friend on the team. They were friends from the time they were in grade school when Mihashi visited his cousin. Kanou lives across the street from Mihashi, Ruri and was in elementary school with her. They called him Shuu-chan.

Pitcher, #9, Throw: R, Bat: R

Grandmother, Father, Mother and Younger Brother

Matsuoka - new to Mihoshi.

Thirdbase, #8, Throw: R, Bat: R
Miyakawa - Graduate of Mihoshi Middle School
Secondbase, #1, Throw: R, Bat: L

Oda, Hiroyuki is from the Kansai region (Gunma and Saitama are in Kantou). He must be a very good player to have probably received a scholarship and incentive to come to Mihoshi since he's a "foreign" student. He's laidback and seems to know more about baseball than the other players (except for Kanou).

His character design is based on Lupin.

Firstbase, #4, Throw: R, Bat: R

Mother, Younger Sister

Taguchi - new to Mihoshi.
Leftfield, #7, Throw: R, Bat: L
Yoshi - Graduate of Mihoshi Middle School Shortstop, #3, Throw: R, Bat: L
Substitute Coach - doesn't seem to be very good. Actually did little coaching except for suggesting to Oda to close his eyes. The real coach is away with the second and third year players. He doesn't seem to know about Mihashi.  
Other Mihoshi    
Mihashi, Ruri is the cousin of Mihashi, Ren. Kanou is her neighbor. When they were young, Ren and his family visited Ruri, and they played with Kanou and his friends. Ren lived with her family when he attended Mihoshi. He never invited her to his games until he joined the Nishiura team. Ruri calls him "Renren" which annoys him.
Grandparents, parents, younger brother
Mihahsi, Ryuu - Ruri's younger brother. He just started middle school at Mihoshi and admires Kanou.
Grandparents, parents, older sister