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Abe Takaya's Family   Birthday; Blood Type; Height (in)
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Abe Misae supports both her son's baseball activities. Currently she focuses more on her younger son who is in middle school. She seems to be a nice friendly person. She complains about how her older son does whatever he wants and how he eats her younger son's breakfast. She is not stubborn or strong willed like her older son.

She calls her older son Taka and he just calls her Mom.

6/29; O; 63"
two sons
Abe's dad is a big guy with a very loud voice. He doesn't seem to have his son's anger issues. They both have the same baseball ethics and competitive attitude as they smirked over walking Sakitama's strong fifth batter. His wife likes to call themselves beauty and the beast.  
Abe Shun is the younger brother in middle school. He's a big Tajima fan since he saw him play in middle school games while his older brother was in the Senior League. He appears to be a couple of years younger. He appears to be a nice friendly kid unlike his older brother.  
Hanai Azusa's Family    

Hanai Kikue is a super baseball mom. She and her husband even read the high school baseball newspaper! She's very social, talkative and opinionated. She and her son have a good relationship where they talk about all sorts of things. She calls him Oniichan (big brother) or Azusa (which he doesn't like).

Her son is rather rude and abrupt to her even in public while he's repectful of other adults. He calls her "Hey!" but that may mean they have more of an even relationship rather than one of mother and son. Her strong personality enables her to withstand such attitude from her only son.

11/12; A; 60.2"
Older son, younger twin daughters

Asuka (left) and Haruka (right) are the younger twin sisters.


Izumi Keiko

She calls her son Kousuke, while he calls her Ma.

8/13; O; 63.8"
Two sons
Mihashi Ren's Family    

Mihashi Naoe looks and acts like her son. She is rather shy, but gets along with Hanai Kikue. She's a working mom, but was able to attend her son's games at Nishiura. She did not attend any of his games at Mihoshi. She graduated from Nishiura.

She calls her son by his name, Ren, while he simply calls her Mom.

12/20; A; 63.0
One son
Mihashi's dad eloped even though he is apparently from a wealthy family. (His father apparently owns Mihoshi Academy.) He built his son's target practice and seems to be a nice, patient guy.  
  see also Mihashi Ruri and Mihashi Ryuu under Mihoshi Characters  

Mizutani Kiyoe

Calls her son Fumiki while he calls her "Wait a Sec!"

11/28; A; 61.4
Older daughter, younger son

Nishihiro Etsuko

Calls her son Shintarou, while he calls her Mom.

1/5; O; 61.4
Older son, younger daughter

Oki Kumiko

Calls her son Kazu, while he calls her Mom.

2/1; O; 61.4
Older daughter, younger son

Shinooka Kazumi moved her family to care for the grandmother (probably her mother). She seems to be a nice matronly person.

Calls her daughter Chiyo or Chi while she calls her Mom.

8/2; B; 60.6
Two daughters

Suyama Eiko seems to be a rather nervous, easily flustered person.

Calls her son Shouji, while he calls her "Uh…Hey." Her son seems rather rude to her while he appears to be relatively shy and respectful to others.

5/12; A; 62.2
Three sons

Tajima Miwako has five kids which is unusual as Japan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. She is probably the oldest mom (one of her sons is already married) and seems very understated and proper and modest about her son's abilities.

Calls her son Yuu, while he calls her Mom

1/15; AB; 62.2
Three sons and two daughters
Sakaeguchi's older sister and younger brother