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Bijou Dai Sayama Characters

All boys school


Bijou Team
Bio Notes
Stats: Position, Team#, Lineup#, Throw/Bat
Family Notes
Ishikawa, Tetsurou

Thirdbase, #5, Bats 2nd

Throws: R; Bats: R

Grandmother, parents, younger brother

Kashima, Takumi

Pitcher, #10

Throws: R; Bats: R

Parents, younger sister

Kawashima, Kou

Shortstop, #6, Bats 1st

Throws: R; Bats: L

Parents, older sister

Kitamura, Kentarou

Leftfield, #7 , Bats 6th

Throws: R; Bats: R

Parents, younger brother

Kurata, Takeshi is a rather mediocre catcher who doesn't understand his pitchers well.

Catcher, # , Bats 8th

Throw: R; Bats: R

Grandmother, parents, younger brother

Matsushita, Takamitsu

Firstbase, #3 , Bats 7th

Throw: L; Bats: L

Parents, older brother

Miyata, Naomasa was formerly the catcher. He's a better player and catcher than Kurata and has a strong throwing arm.

Rightfield, # , Bats 5th

Throws: R; Bats: R

Parents, older brother

Saitou, Yuu


Throw: L; Bats: L

Parents, grandparents, younger brother

Takenouchi, Yoshito is considered the Ace of the Bijou team, but Sakeguchi notes he's not as good as Tosei's Takase, Junta.

Pitcher, #1, Bats 9th

Throws: R; Bats: R

Grandfather, parents, older brother

Wada, Makoto is the captain of the team.

Centerfield, #8, Bats 4th

Throws:R; Bats: L

Grandfather, parents, older sister, younger sister

Yano, Atsushi seems to be a level headed guy who warns Kurata about taking risks that might upset the coach.
Secondbase, #4, Bats 3rd

Throws: R; Bats: L

grandfather, grandmother, parents, younger brotherr

Other Team Members    

Nakazawa, Roka is three-quarters Japanese. His mother is half-Japanese, half European. Father is Brazilian of Japanese descent. He was named after Casa da Roca, the western most point of Mainland Europe. His parents went there on honeymoon and fell in love with the place. His brother Rio is a reserve catcher on the Tosei team.

Roka has researched Nishiura thoroughly and plots their demise. He backed Kurata, Takeshi for the catcher position over Miyata, Naomasa because Kurata is willing to play dirty and follow his orders. Roka used to play for Tosei.

Assistant coach

Takii the coach is a smart but nice guy. He used to play for Tosei back in middle school but injured his

He's friends with Roka and convinced Roka to return to baseball as a coach for Bijou.

Shou is a friend of Sakaeguchi from middle school. It's not known whether he knows Abe or Shinooka. He's impressed that all the Nishiura players are first years and wonders if he should have gone there instead. Bench
Faculty Advisor