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Kunoichi Dressup Game

Dress your own ninja!
Drag and drop shinobi uniforms and weapons with your mouse.

Fan Hair1Hair2 Hair3 Hair4 Headband1 Headband2 Hairband1 Hairband2
Leaf-pants KunoichiHair5 ShirtLeaf-shirt
Shorts Sock-l Sock-r Arm-r Arm-l
Dress Pants Shirt2 Jacket
Neckband1 Neckband2 Waistband1 Waistband2 Kunai Kunai2 Sai-l Sai-r Shuriken Necklace Flowers
r-sandal-blue l-sandal-blue r-sandal-black l-sandal-black r-sandal-red l-sandal-red