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Origami Shuriken


The following directions for a 2 piece shuriken were adapted from Folds.net which also contains directions for a 1 piece shuriken (very complicated!). Most of the images were also take from that site. If you like origami, that's a cool site to visit.

  1. Take a piece of 8.5" x 11" paper (or any size square paper, experiment with different types) fold down one corner against the opposite edge to make a triangle. Cut the excess paper to get a square. This will make a 4" shuriken comparable to what you see in Naruto! (fig 1-2)
  2. Once you have a square piece of paper, fold in half lengthwise. Cut the paper to get 2 equal size rectangles. (fig 3-4)
  3. Fold each rectangle lengthwise, but as mirror images. (fig 5)
  4. Temporary fold down rectangles to get the crease, then unfold. (fig 6)
  5. Fold down one corner against the crease, and fold up the other corner against the crease to get a "S" type shape. Do the same with the other piece but as a mirror image. (fig 7-9)
  6. Turn both pieces over so now the S shapes face in. Fold up the bottom corner square and fold down the top corner square. (fig 10)
  7. Fold the triangles created in (6) toward the center. (fig 11-12)
  8. Turn over one of the pieces so they are no longer mirror images but slant the same way. (fig 13)
  9. Open up the flaps so that in one the flaps point up and in the other the flaps point down.
  10. Rotate one piece 90 degrees and place the one with flaps pointing down on top of the other. (fig 14)
  11. Tuck the flaps into the slits.  (fig 15)  For extra security you can use a piece of tape on each side to hold it.
  12. You may also use 2 different colored pieces of paper for a fancy looking shuriken or use heavyweight aluminum foil, or cover a plain piece of paper with aluminum foil, to create more realistic, stronger shuriken.  To create large shuriken, try newspaper covered with aluminum foil. You can string them through the center to make belts, necklaces, chains of shuriken to wear or to decorate a room or Christmas tree.