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Ninja Scroll


Take a piece of white paper and a piece of colored paper, large enough to wrap around the center cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper or paper towel at least once, preferably several times.

Cut the colored paper to same length as the tube (toilet paper tube for smaller scrolls, paper towel tube for larger scrolls, or cut to size). Or to save paper,, cut 2 strips of colored paper about 1.5-2.5 inches wide.

Cut the white paper about 2 inches less than the length of the cardboard tube.

Glue the white paper onto the sheet of colored paper, centering it so that the colored paper borders the top and bottom of the white paper by 1-2 inches. Or glue the colored paper strips to the top and bottom edges of the white paper, with half inch overlap.

After drying, wrap paper around the cardboard tube once and glue. You may let any extra paper hang out.

Wrap the extra paper around the tub and tie with a string, ribbon, or rubber band.

Decorate the outside of the scroll, or practice calligraphy on the inside.