Kakashi Excuses

Ep 4 : A black cat crossed my path.

Ep 20: Got lost.

Ep 21: Got lost on the road of life.

Ep 26: A girl stopped me so I danced.

Naruto special 2003: An old lady asked me for directions on my way here.

Seriously Kakashi
Ever notice Kakashi often uses "seriously" (sometimes translated as certainly, but that's not as funny).

Ep 7: Kakashi says to Naruto (rabbit scene) "Stop using kunai, it’s seriously dangerous!" (shuriken in manga)

Ep 77: Kakashi tells Naruto to eat his vegetables "You’re seriously going to die if you just eat ramen and drink red bean broth."

Naruto special 2003: After Sasuke says Naruto has gone to Akagahara, Kakashi says "In that case Naruto is seriously going to die."


Other Great Quotes
Here are some of Kakashi's funniest lines, or scenes, and some philosophical musings.

Ep 4
I have no intention of telling you my likes and dislikes, as for my dreams…I have few hobbies. (many hobbies in the manga)

Those who don’t have abilities tend to complain more. Just ignore the guy with the lowest score (also translated as "dead last").

It looks like you have the will to kill me now, I think I can finally start liking you three.

Hey, aren’t you a little weird compared to the rest? Naruto: What’s weird is your hair style!

Ep 5
In the ninja world, those that do not follow the rules are called trash. But those that don’t take care of their friends are worse than trash.

Ep 6
What’s the point of killing the person we’re supposed to protect?

Ep 7
Well, if we fail, it’s only death.

I’ll protect you guys even if it kills me. I don’t let my comrades die.

Ep 9
There are kids younger than you and stronger than myself.

Ep 10
Sakura is closest to Hokage unlike a certain someone. I guess the Uchiha clan isn’t worth much either.

Ep 12
Kakashi quoting the First Hokage: To abandon one’s duty is not courageous, below the courageous there is nothing.

Kakashi shows his compassionate side when he has a talk with Inari about Naruto, shows how perceptive he is and how he does understand Naruto though he doesn't express it the way Iruka does (probably Kakashi's longest uninterrupted dialogue scene): Naruto didn’t mean any harm by what he said. Sometimes he just doesn’t use his head. We heard the story about your father from Tazuna-san. Like you, Naruto also had a childhood without a father. Actually, he has never known his parents. And he never even had a single friend. But I’ve never seen him complain or cry even once. He’s always trying his best to get people to acknowledge him. For that dream, he’d risk his life anytime. He’s probably sick and tired of crying. So, he understands what it truly means to be strong. Just like your father. Naruto may understand your feelings better than anyone. What he said to you earlier, that’s probably what he’s told himself many times.

Ep: 21
To poor Iruka: (His team)... is always complaining about the missions so experiencing some pain may be good for them and crushing them would be fun, too... they’re no longer your students, they’re my soldiers now!

Ep 40
Orochimaru: "the newly established Village of Sound is mine. You understand if I just say that." Kakashi: "it's a stupid ambition." Orochimaru: "oh my, that was blunt."

Kakashi starts his chidori as Orozhimaru approaches and says, "Even if you're one of the legendary Sannin, I can sacrifice my life to kill you." Orochimaru laughs at him. Kakashi: "what's so funny." Orochimaru: "what you say and do don't agree with each other…there's no point in using that seal. He has a heart that seeks power no matter how evil it is. He is an avenger and eventually he will seek me out. Also you said you would kill me. Try if you can." (Seems like Orochimaru does something and Kakashi cannot move.) Kakashi thinks: "sacrifice my life to kill him? Am I mad?"

Kakashi and Gai - comedy team with Kakashi as the straight man

Ep 37
Gai to Kakashi: "Your team is pretty good but perhaps they were just lucky, but as long as my team is here, they can't go any further since in the next stage, personal abilities will be critical. Youth is sweet and sour, and sometimes strict."

Kakashi: "Did you say something?"

Gai thinks: "That was pretty good, rival Kakashi. That attitude is somewhat modern and pisses me off!"

Ep 41
Kakashi thinks Ino-Sakura rivalry is similar to Naruto-Sasuke rivalry and says "rivalry is a mysterious thing" and looks over at Gai and waves. Gai thinks that’s hip and he hates it!

Ep 66:
Gai says he wants to see what training Kakashi used for Sasuke since he's his eternal rival.

Kakashi: "Did you say something?"

Gai: "That was very hip of you Kakashi, why do you always pursue revolutionary reactions?!"

Ep 67
Gai: "The chidori is also called the lightning edge (Raikiri) - Kakashi once cut through lightning with that move. Chidori is its true name. The secret lies in the human body's fastest attainable, speed of the thrust and the chakra accumulated in one arm turns into a sword that can cut through anything. But you've taught him a reckless move."

Kakashi: "I don’t want to hear that from you, right Lee-kun?"