Home & Finances



In the manga and anime, Kakashi's home consists of a single room. At first it would appear to be just the bedroom, but the single door is the main entrance door. Another shinobi and Sasuke are shown coming in through that door, which apparently leads to a hallway, and if Kakashi had another room, his friends would be hanging out there instead, allowing him to rest in his bedroom in peace. There is no kitchen or bathroom. Even Naruto's home has an eat-in kitchen and Sasuke and Sakura live in multi-level houses. Kakashi may be living in a boarding house or dormitory with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Perhaps there are other rooms, but for this analysis, the basis is a single room home.

His room (looks to be about 12'x15') is fairly sparse with no clutter. There's a desk and a bulletin board in the corner by the window. His "Make-Out" books, framed pictures of his past and present genin teams, an alarm clock (probably the same one he used during the bell test) and a plant are on the shelf between the window and his bed (full-size). The plant is Mr. Ukki, also the name of creator Kishimoto's plant. A calligraphy-style picture of a "scarecrow" face which serves to emphasize his name (Kakashi = scarecrow) is pinned by the window above his books. There's a set of narrow shelves by the door, probably a recent addition as it is completely empty. There are 4 wall hangings which appear to be a picture of a mountain, the character for nin, a large abstract artwork, and possibly a wall calendar (looks like 12 boxes = 12 months on a wall scroll). Other furniture includes a smaller set of shelves and a trunk (behind Kurenai). Gai appears to be sitting on a footstool, and there appears to be a chair set under the desk. In the manga he has even more shelves built into the wall.

Kakashi should have lots of money based on the number and quality of missions he's been on in his 2 decades as a shinobi. He should be able to afford a larger apartment, which would indicate the following possibilities:

  1. He's a miser:  First Naruto special - Kakashi invites the team out at the end, but refuses to pay.  Manga special - His team takes him out for lunch. He's never shown treating them the way Asuma and Iruka do.
  2. He's saving for retirement and has invested his money elsewhere.
  3. He's a philanthropist and has given away most of his money.
  4. He's rarely home and is usually away on missions, so being practical he maintains a small space.
  5. It's his first apartment and he's been too lazy to move.