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Find out the answers to:  Where did he get the sharingan eye?  When did he get it?  How did he get it?  Why does he wear a mask?  Why is he always late?  What's the deal with the shinobi memorial?  Who were on his team?  Who would win...?

Where did he get the sharingan eye? When did he get it? How did he get it?

His "best friend" and teammate Obito was a Uchiha and bequeathed the eye to Kakashi upon his death. His other teammate, Rin a medical specialist, installed the eye. Kakashi had just been promoted to jounin and it was his first jounin mission. He was 13 years old.

Why does he wear a mask?

Besides looking cool, it's less drawing for the creator and his assistants and the other animators.

Practical reasons - it might be a protective filter against poisonous gas or allergies; prevents reading lips; would normally hide a shinobi's identity, but in his case the hair is a dead giveaway! A mask also hides expressions so a shinobi won't give away his intent. There are other shinobi who wear a similar mask all the time. I don't think it's a separate mask, but a turtleneck extension of his shirt. He also doesn't eat in public very often. This might also be a precaution from being poisoned. So all woman don't fall immediately in love with him!

Why does he read adult books in public?

His nonconformist personality (or as Gai puts it hip/modern/revolutionary) indicates he doesn't care what people think. He may also do this on purpose to develop a non-approachable persona. What girl would really want a guy who reads books like that in public?

What's the deal with the shinobi memorial?

When Kakashi says his best friend's name is on the shinobi memorial, it can also be translated as best friends' names. However, later we find he is mainly concerned with honoring his best friend, Obito.

Why is he always late?

In addition to having passive-aggressive tendencies and being unconventional/nonconformist (these personality types tend to be late all the time), we find in episode 80 that he comes to visit the shinobi memorial often in the morning. When he's there, he thinks about his past and becomes guilty/depressed thinking about what a fool he was back then. He blames himself for his friend's death.

Who were on his genin team?

The girl is Rin (no surname) a medic-nin with a crush on Kakashi.
The boy with goggles on his head is Uchiha Obito.
Yondaime (no actual name) was their sensei before he became hokage.

However, Kakashi graduated the academy and became a genin at 5 years old. His teammates were the same age and were chuunin when he became jounin, so maybe they were geniuses, too.

Who would win...?

Who cares, Kakashi is the greatest, no matter what!

Okay, let's just do Gai who claims he has 50 wins vs. 49 losses against Kakashi. That's a lot of fights over 26 years, maybe they started as toddlers fighting over a rattle! These fights were probably training sessions where they try out new techniques. Since Kakashi became a genin, chuunin, and probably jounin, before Gai, it is unlikely that any of the fights were in a formal setting where they would go all out. The "fights" also include non-combat challenges like rock-paper-scissors (see ep 101).

I believe Kakashi purposely keeps their record even just so Gai doesn't become a pain in the neck. If Kakashi wins too often, Gai would be a pest and keep challenging him over and over. If Gai feels they're pretty even with him in the lead, then he'd be content with that thought. Kakashi seems to be quite easygoing and being ahead is no big deal, while Gai is more prideful and probably goes all out each time. On the other hand, Gai is more physically fit while Kakashi has gone soft and no longer in peak form. Yet even if Gai avoids the sharingan's genjutsu, Kakashi's ninjutsu and intelligence are superior. Since this is a Kakashi shrine...of course Kakashi will win!

Manga Spoilers:

Ch 239
Obito is a guy, the kid with goggles on Kakashi's team. He's a Uchiha but has not activated his sharingan. Appears to be a good-hearted kid similar to Naruto. The female member is Rin. Yondaime is a jounin at this point.

This day Kakashi is inaugurated as jounin (13 years old) and is given a special kunai by Yondaime and a medical bag by Rin. Obito has no gift so Kakashi makes him carry his stuff. Kakashi is arrogant, humorless, and by-the-book.

They are on a sabotage mission to blow up a bridge to prevent Earth forces from entering Grass.

Kakashi has already developed the chidori but does not have his sharingan.

Ch 240
Kakashi's chidori is an incomplete jutsu since he cannot see his opponent's counter.

Yondaime explains to Obito why Kakashi adheres strictly to the rules - his father, Hatake Sakumo, was a genius ninja on par with the legendary sannins.  He abandoned an important mission to save his comrades. He was blamed and disgraced even by those he saved and thus committed suicide. Kakashi was about 7-8 when this happened.

Ch 241
Rin is captured. Kakashi orders Obito to continue the mission but Obito leaves to rescue Rin.

Ch 242
Kakashi's father was known as the White Fang who had white hair and white chakra like Kakashi.  Kakashi's scar vertically across his left eye is from an injury while protecting Obito, not from surgery. Obito activates his sharingan for the first time. Each eye has 2 dots.

Ch 243
Obito and Kakashi go to save Rin who is trapped in some kind of genjutsu. The three get trapped by falling rocks. Rin and Obito escape but Kakashi is hit in the head because of his blind spot - the lost of his left eye. Obito goes back to save Kakashi and manages to pull him out of the way. But Obito gets crushed by a large boulder. His right side is completely pinned and he will die soon. He offers Kakashi his eye as a gift.  Rin as a medical ninja installs it.