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Excerpts from Kakashi's Diary


Collection of short stories and poems all pertaining to Kakashi!

Diary Excerpts: (general)
Team Seven – Kakashi’s thoughts during the first few episodes when he meets his team and gives them the bells test. This was the original concept of the diary where Kakashi’s thoughts are explored.
Wave Country - Kakashi and his team meet Tazuna and the Demon Brothers.

Fall From Grace - (angst) - About Kakashi’s father, Sakumo, contains spoilers from the manga

First Love - (romance, parody) -Kakashi's first love, contains pseudo-yaoi

The Law of Nonequivalent Exchange (humor, action/adventure) - Kakashi and his team return a lost cat, but then find something fishy going on in a village on the borders of Grass and Fire countries.

Waiting and Wishing - (romance/humor) - Kakashi’s late for a date! He must get by a missing-nin, shinobi wannabes, and Gai. Will he make it in time or suffer the consequences?

Words of Unrequited Love - (romance) - poem